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Short Video about New Match My Email Release

Match My Email announced a major new release of its email integration app for Salesforce last week. Sam Broda, Chief Growth Officer, has made a short video about the release and published it on the Match My Email Youtube channel.

New composer makes emailing from inside Salesforce better than Outlook and Gmail

Match My Email Version 7.0 is all about making emailing in Salesforce better than emailing from Outlook or Gmail. It is about getting Salesforce users to live in Salesforce and stop jumping back and forth between desktop applications. Why is the new composer so great? Well, it looks and feels like a modern email composer. The layout is clear and the action icons easy to understand and locate. It can do things that users in Outlook and Gmail can’t do, like creating reusable templates on the fly and saving them to public and private folders. Or inserting a template in a REPLY or FORWARD without breaking the email thread. Or allowing the use templates in the place of signatures by building a library of different signature templates that can be tailored to the audience of an email.

The new MME composer doesn’t force a user to work with templates in any pre-set sequence

Templates can be inserted or removed at any time while writing an email. How many times have you wanted to use a template after you started composing an email but couldn’t with Outlook and Gmail? Creating and saving new templates is made easy and can now be done on the fly. Recently used templates are easy to find in the Recent list. In short, the tool is more intuitive and a great way to save great email content for future use… on the fly.

Then there are mail merge codes

Mail merge codes grab data from a field in Salesforce and inserts that data in the email automatically. Mail merge codes are accessible in the new email composer as a sidebar. Using mail merge codes, especially in a template, can eliminate stupid spelling errors.

The new email composer works with Salesforce Files

Salesforce Files compete with Dropbox and Box and eliminate the need to buy and manage yet another cloud collaboration app. The new composer can access the File repository and attach a File to an outbound email. The composer is backward compatible and works with Classic Templates and attachments accessed from a desktop or third-party app like Google Drive or Onedrive.

The Match My Email auto tagging feature continues to be supported in the new composer

Auto tagging enables Precision Matching/Syncing to any standard or custom Salesforce record automatically in background. Users don’t even need to know that auto tagging has been configured by the Salesforce Admin. Match My Email is the gold standard of email integration for Salesforce. Rated 4.9 out of 5.0 stars on the AppExchange, the app is focused on making email syncing and logging and email handling in Salesforce as intuitive, easy to use and automated as possible. To experience the power of Match My Email visit our web site and schedule a Live Demo or setup a Free Trial Account. Match My Email is famous for providing the best support on the AppExchange so don’t hesitate to contact Support if you need any help.

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