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Adding Email Signatures in Salesforce

One key feature of Salesforce is its email composer. The email composer is easy to use and includes functionality that, in some cases, is better than Outlook or Gmail. In our organization, we have observed that users migrate more and more of their daily emailing tasks to Salesforce as they learn to use the email composer and master its coolest features:
  • Private or shared templates
  • Mail merge on-the-fly
  • Organization-wide email addressing
  • Recipient open tracking

A well-formatted email also requires a good email signature. Salesforce offers two email signature options

  1. adding a signature block automatically to every outbound email; or
  2. using signature templates.

Adding a signature block is straightforward.

1. Click on your Profile icon in the upper righthand corner (which is either a default SDFC character icon or your photo). 2. Click on Settings under your name. Adding a Salesforce Email Signature 3. On the left side bar, find Email and open it to show My Email Settings. Adding a Salesforce Email Signature 4. Fill in the Email Signature block and make sure the Email Composer radio button is highlighted. Adding a Salesforce Email Signature 5. Save. From now on, a signature block will be added to bottom of any outbound email sent from Salesforce using the Email Composer. However, this signature block feature has some serious limitations especially in terms of formatting and adding images. To overcome those constraints, the user must use a different strategy and add email signatures to emails using a Signature Template. With the new Lightning Web Components feature, signature templates are easy to create and can be saved on-the-fly. 6. Open any record and click on email Compose in the Activity section of the page layout. (For the purpose of this tutorial, I have used the Enhanced Email object, but Email Activity Tasks or the custom Match My Email email object follow the similar steps.) Adding a Salesforce Email Signature 7. Insert the images, calls to action, social media channels and look & feel that you want in your HTML signature template. (Depending on how elaborate you want the signature block to be, you may need to hire an HTML formatting expert. We found a good one on UpWork.) Adding a Salesforce Email Signature 8. Then just save the Template in a Private or Public folder for future use by clicking on the Template icon. Adding a Salesforce Email Signature 9. By clicking on the Template icon bubble you can reach the menu that allows you to save a New Template. Adding a Salesforce Email Signature 10. Fill in the Template Name and select a Template Folder and you are done. Adding a Salesforce Email Signature Creating lots of different signature templates or standard response emails with signatures in them is much easier with the new Lightning Web Components email composer.

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