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Setup and Forget – A Better Way to Capture Emails in Salesforce Automatically

Email continues to be the dominant mode of customer engagement. Sales professionals send and receive dozens, if not hundreds, of emails per day. Email capture is the technology that connects email data to Salesforce.

There are two ways to capture emails: selectively or automatically. Some organizations prefer selective email capture because they only want to save ‘important’ emails in Salesforce. Other companies opt for automated email capture because they want all customer facing emails in Salesforce.

Eliminate Data Entry in Salesforce

One drawback of selective email capture is the time it takes to add each email to a Salesforce record. If a sales rep gets 25 ‘important’ emails per day and its takes 15 seconds to log an email manually to Salesforce, then a sales rep spends 2.2 hours doing email-related data entry every month. Selective email entry wastes precious time that automated email capture can save.

Increase Salesforce ROI

Manual email integration also creates unreliable information in Salesforce. Users can’t be sure that all the ‘important’ emails were actually logged to Salesforce. Some ‘important’ emails will be missed due to human error, burn-out, or laziness. With automated email syncing, every email is captured and posted to Salesforce for future reference. Salesforce becomes a shared ‘system of record’ of customer engagement. The better the email data in Salesforce, the more valuable it is to users which, in turn, increases adoption and usage. In short, automated Salesforce email integration increases the ROI of any Salesforce deployment.

Works in the Background

Automated email capture has the advantage that it works in background. Email syncing is performed in the cloud and email data uploaded to Salesforce through its API cloud to cloud. Automated email integration is ‘on’ all the time matching emails in real time to Salesforce records. Automated email capture will not slow down a user’s laptop or cause a crash. Plus it captures emails from every source – PC, MAC, Linux, iPhone, Galaxy and tablet – at once.

Create Amazing Salesforce Reports and Dashboard

Automated email syncing apps create trustworthy data in Salesforce that can be used to create email activity reports, dashboards, and List Views. Email activity can be tracked by user or customer. Unanswered emails can be listed by customer and prompt sales reps to take corrective action.

Remote Setup and Configuration

Automated email capture apps like Match My Email are setup and configured by a Salesforce admin with either Office 365 Global Admin or G Suite Super Admin privileges. Or by a Salesforce admin and an Office365 Global Admin/ G Suite Super Admin who tag team a setup. Once the app is installed, the Salesforce admin can add and delete users with a single click. Users are not involved in setup or configuration; they just use the app.

Match My Email Works in the Background and Captures Every Email from Every Source

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