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Match My Email Releases New Version in Salesforce that Enables the End User to Sort Emails by Date Range

Match My Email has released a new version of its MultiMatch automated email integration app for Salesforce that enables the end user to sort emails by date range.

Match My Email continues to invest aggressively in new features for its leading edge MultiMatch app for Today, the company released Version 3.4 that allows a Salesforce user to sort emails by date range. This ease-of-use feature makes it even easier to find and review important emails in Salesforce.

Date Detail Field, Match My Email

The new date range filtering feature is embedded in the Page Layout of every record type in the Sales Cloud – Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Person Accounts, Opportunities and Cases. The feature will also be included in email integrations to custom objects or records in Salesforce. Now finding an email for a given time period is as easy as picking two dates from the pop-up calendars and clicking the refresh icon.

Month Range, Match My Email

Match My Email creates ‘perfect’ email data in Salesforce and does it fully automatically. With Match My Email, a Salesforce user is freed from manually adding emails to Salesforce saving lots of time and eliminating a highly repetitive manual chore. The average Salesforce user needs to sync 250 emails per week which is estimated to take at least one hour per week – if it is done at all.

Automated email integration which works at the cloud level – server to server – creates perfect email information in Salesforce fully automatically. All emails are logged to Salesforce 24/7/365 and the emails are put into all the matching records in Salesforce, not just one record like the other tools. With automated matching, the end-user can have 100% confidence that all emails – inbound and outbound – are logged in each associated Salesforce record, whether the record identity is in the TO:, FROM:, CC: or BCC: lines in the email.

The Date Range feature is located in the higher right hand cover of the Email Messages Visualforce view and at the top of the Email Messages tab.

Sorted Emails, Match My Email[click to see detail]

The Date Range feature can also be used to clean out old emails from Salesforce in bulk which have exceeded a record retention date or period.

Match My Email customers are encouraged to file a Case on the Match My Email Support page at asking for a fifteen-minute GoToMeeting upgrade session.

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