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Taking Email Integration for Salesforce to the Next Level with Match My Email

Email Integration for Salesforce

Match My Email, the #1 automated email integration for Salesforce app, has added new programming features that enable Salesforce power users to take email integration to the next level. Leveraging Match My Email’s custom object, proprietary scripting language and Salesforce features such as triggers and automated email workflows (i.e., sometimes called drip campaigns), Salesforce users can now create fully automated email processes inside Salesforce. With Match My Email, sales operations can implement automated email integration for Salesforce that vastly improve productivity, reduce mistakes and provide management with exactly the reports and dashboards they want.

Email Integration for Salesforce

Automated email integration in Salesforce offers enormous gains in productivity and effectiveness. Match My Email relieves sales reps of the daily chore of manually logging emails. Studies indicate that the average sales rep spends 28 per week working on email. Any app that can make email less time consuming and more accurate can saves hours of sales rep time. Match My Email automatically uploads emails that match to Salesforce records. It does it in the cloud and in background 24/7/365, so no email is left behind. It creates a ‘perfect’ email record in Salesforce that can be shared by the sales team.

Email Integration for Salesforce

Relieving sales rep from the manual task of logging emails to Salesforce is Match My Email’s core value proposition, and it alone can justify the purchase of the app for $17.95 per user per month. But the app also includes customization tools that in the hands of a clever Salesforce admin can take email handling in Salesforce to the next level and save enough more time.

For example, many Salesforce users set up email sequences or drips that are triggered by the creation of a new Lead. A new Lead comes in from the web site and then Salesforce automatically sends a welcome email. Once the email sequence starts, the Lead is programmed to send a ‘drip’ email directly from Salesforce at various intervals – one week, three weeks, six weeks, twelve weeks etc. Adding Match My Email to the email drip has the advantage that Match My Email can turn off the sequence if the prospect responds to an email and cut off the ‘drip’ fully automatically.

Combined with reports or dashboards that show a sales rep email responses by Lead in the past 24 or 48 hours, these automation tools make the email process in Salesforce hyper-productive.

Another example is automated Lead creation from No Match emails from new prospects. For an extra fee, Match My Email can be programmed to create Leads automatically in Salesforce from email imported from specific email accounts like The important thing with automated Lead creation from emails is selectivity. Automatic lead creation from a user’s normal email account will result in lots of personal contacts in Salesforce which create ‘social mishaps’, but selective Lead creation from neutral email accounts like work well.

Customization Tools For Your Organization

Match My Email’s customization tools go even further. They can be used to automatically sync emails to custom objects, fields and filters. The tools enable email matching to Salesforce records by email address or field name (commonly called a tag) or a Parent-Child relationship (commonly called a roll-up). The super user gets to define exactly the email matching logical that makes sense for his or her organization.

Finally, Match My Email is cross platform. It works with every device and email system. So organizations that have Mac users and PC users – users with Gmail, Outlook and MacMail — can deploy the app seamlessly across the organization. To date, Match My Email has integrated more than 40 different email systems to Salesforce like GoDaddy, Rackspace, OX, Intermedia and Smarsh.

The best way to see the power of Match My Email is to schedule a Live Demo by visiting our web site at and using the scheduling tool. We look forward to showing you the app and answering your questions.

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