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Salesforce Email Integration with GoDaddy Professional Business Email

GoDaddy is the #1 provider of cloud-based services including email, web site and domain registry in the world. GoDaddy offers email to millions of consumers and about 1.1 million businesses worldwide. Its Email Business Solutions are segmented between Open Source offerings – Essentials and Pro — and Microsoft Office-based offering – Online Essentials and Business Premium.

Sync emails from GoDaddy Essentials and Plus to Salesforce automatically with Match My Email

Match My Email provides email integration between GoDaddy Professional Business Email and Match My Email enables GoDaddy Professional Business Email users to sync inbound and outbound emails to Salesforce records. The app is fully automated and in the cloud. Once it is configured, Match My Email runs autonomously in background matching emails to Salesforce 24/7/365 relieving users of the manual task of adding emails to Salesforce. Match My Email integrates seamlessly with GoDaddy Professional Business Email delivering a superior customer experience.

The Salesforce email connectors like Salesforce INBOX, Salesforce for Outlook and Salesforce for Gmail do not work with GoDaddy Professional Business Email. Salesforce email integration tools only work with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Gmail. Luckily, GoDaddy Professional Business Email users who have deployed Salesforce can get the same functionality, if not superior functionality, using Match My Email.

What makes Match My Email so special?

  1. It is based on Open Source, Open Standards and Open APIs so it works with every email account or mailbox including GoDaddy Professional Business Email – Essentials and Pro.
  2. The app is designed to automatically sync emails to Salesforce records so users are relieved of the chore of adding emails to Salesforce. Automatic, hands-free email syncing increases Salesforce users’ productivity by 8%.
  3. Match My Email is fully customizable. Emails can be synced to custom reports types and custom fields. Emails can be synced by full email address, domain, words in the subject line or structured expressions in the email body.
  4. Match My Email creates ‘perfect’ email data in Salesforce which can be used to track email activity and prompt email follow up.

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