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Please Fix the Flaws with my Email Syncing Tool for Salesforce

Since the onslaught of COVID-19, it has gotten harder to sell. No more trade conferences. Or customer meetings. Handing out brochures and business cards. Everything is impersonal. Being done by email, phone, text or Zoom/Webex/GoToMeeting. It was hard enough in the older days to create a “market qualified lead” and to close it. Now it is nearly impossible.

At the same time, the email syncing tools provided by Salesforce don’t work very well. Most of them involve a tricky plug-in that has to be downloaded to each and every user. Then the user has to remember to click “Add to Salesforce” dozens, if not, hundreds of times per day just to log the emails into Salesforce. Manual tools don’t work over the long haul. Sooner or later someone on the sales team forgets to log an email and then the customer activity information in Salesforce is flawed. It is hard to use Salesforce as a “system of record” if the client records are missing key data.

Then there are the automated syncing tools that sit on top of the plug-in sidebars. These tools are frustrating in that they create lots of duplicates in Salesforce.  They store emails outside of  Salesforce in a separate database server so the data isn’t available for use inside Salesforce to track “key performance indicators”.  Moreover, automated tools like Einstein Activity Capture miss a lot of emails because customers have multiple email addresses and send emails from different email accounts.   Plus EAC doesn’t upload attachments.  An automated email syncing app needs to be designed from the bottom up to be able to deal with the complexity of email technology and lots of different users.

Match My Email is the gold standard in automated email integration for Salesforce. It is a cloud-based app that is “setup and forget”, “once and done”, “always on” and works in the background 24/7/365. Match My Email is a hands-free email integration app that can sync emails to customer records based on multiple email addresses, domain, words or numbers or tags in the email body. Match My Email has been fixing the flaws in Salesforce email syncing and logging for ten years since 2010 when we sold our first customer. Its development team is constantly improving the product and adding layers of customization and flexibility based on customer requirements and their industry workflows.

If your email integration app or tool has a shortcoming that is driving you crazy or just annoying you from time to time, please contact Match My Email and see if our app can fix the problem that you are facing. Our sales and support teams are legendary for their responsiveness and understanding the intersection of Salesforce and email technologies. The app works with Office 365, G Suite, Apple Mail and any IMAP compatible email solution.

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