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Having Trouble Getting Automated Salesforce Email Syncing with Microsoft 365?

There are a lot of email integration tools for Salesforce. All of them improve upon the tools offered by Salesforce — free tools like Lightning for Outlook or paid tools like Salesforce INBOX. Many people wonder why Salesforce just doesn’t invest in an automated email integration tool or just buy one of the automated email integration apps on the AppExchange and then fold its functionality into the base Salesforce subscription. It is a good question and until now there been no straightforward answer from Salesforce. In fact, people have been complaining about the lack of good email syncing on the Salesforce comments boards for year. Unfortunately, until Salesforce clarifies its position on automated email integration – build or buy — as a basic feature of the Sales Cloud, users will have to find automated email integration apps on the AppExchange.

The email apps on the AppExchange can be broken into two groups: manual plug-ins and automated cloud apps. The leading manual plug-ins are Cirrus Insight for Google and Linkpoint360 for Microsoft. Both Cirrus and Linkpoint360 offer an extra cost version of their tool that offers “automated” email syncing and logging. They represent that their tools “work” and sync emails automatically from Microsoft 365 to Salesforce. “Work” can be a pretty loose term. We know this because more and more customers are trading in the automated versions of Cirrus and Linkpoint360 for Match My Email. They are changing apps because only Match My Email offers truly flexible and robust automated email syncing and logging for Microsoft 365 and Salesforce. Match My Email has worked relentlessly on the seven dimensions of automated email integration for eight years: cross platform, multiple records matching, deduplication, customization, reporting, security, administration and email handling.

Customers of iHance Email Automation are moving to Match My Email for a different reason. Inside Sales, iHance’s parent company, has told users that it is no longer developing the product and that the support staff has been cut.

It is no accident that Match My Email’s automation works the best. Match My Email has been working on automated email syncing between Salesforce and any of 60+ email systems for 8 years. The company has invested thousands of man hours in research and development focused solely on the subject of how to automate email integration for Salesforce. Its creative engineering staff has solved one Salesforce email integration issue after another. Match My Email’s engineers are currently working on a new release that will take the combination of Office 365 and Salesforce to the next level in terms of seamlessly administration and feature functionality.

Match My Email currently works with all Salesforce Sales Cloud editions [except Salesforce IQ which is a closed platform and doesn’t work with any third party apps]. Match My Email works with Salesforce Classic, Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce1.

Match My Email is a cross platform app. It works with just about every email system on the market. To date, Match My Email has integrated 60+ email providers or on-premise email solutions with Salesforce. If you have a non-standard email solution or use Apple technology – whether it is MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacMail, Gmail on Mac or Outlook for Mac, Match My Email will solve your email syncing needs.

Value proposition: Match My Email saves the average Salesforce user 1 hour of time per week by automating the email syncing processing which eliminating manual tasks and missing email data in Salesforce.

Use the scheduling tools on the home page to schedule a live demo or free trial of Match My Email. It will be one of the best investments your organization ever makes.

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