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New Release of Match My Email Can Look Inside an Email Body, Find A Structured Expression and then Sync the Email to the Right Salesforce Record

Match My Email can now scan an email looking for one or more structured expressions or tags in its body – like a Part Number, Contract ID, Order Number, Policy Number, Tracking Number, Patient ID and Invoice Number – and then log the email to the correct Salesforce record automatically.

Match My Email (“MME”) has pushed the edge of the technology envelope again today. MME continues to lead the market in providing custom email integration solutions for Salesforce.

MME has added a new capability that enables the app to scan email bodies looking for structured expressions. A structured expression might be a part or order number which starts with a predictable sequence of numbers or letters (i.e., “prefix”) like SKU12345 or 001c1b2a. MME can find the structured expression in an email body and then sync and log the email to the right Salesforce records or records – automatically. MME is cloud technology that works in the background automatically adding emails – inbound and outbound – to Salesforce. MME is always on.

Email can be synced based on

  1. Full email address
  2. Domain name
  3. Word(s) or Number(s) in the Subject Line
  4. Any Structured Expression or Tag in the Email Body

Matching emails by structured expressions is very powerful in that email integration can work with existing workflows without changing how people do things or forcing them to perform a new additional task. The app is completely automatic and intuitive. Once it is set up it works invisibility in the background with no user involvement 24/7/365.

About Match My Email

Match My Email is headquartered in Ardsley on Hudson, N.Y. It is the developer of Match My Email app. Match My Email provides fully automated email integration for Salesforce to more than 400 customers worldwide. The app is device and technology independent and works with all major email systems, including Microsoft, Google, Apple and IMAP. Match My Email saves Salesforce users more than one hour per week of time by eliminating the need to match emails to Salesforce records by hand. The app creates a perfect email log in Salesforce because it is machine to machine. The email meta-data created by Match My Email can be used to tracking customer engagement levels – involved or absent. It includes the most extensive customization tools available.

Match My Email offers free Live Demos and 30-day Trial Accounts. Demo sessions and trial setup support can be scheduled using the tools on the web site at labeled Schedule a Live Demo and Start a Free Trial.

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