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Match My Email’s Cross Platform Email Integration App for Salesforce Now Covers More Email Providers

Match My Email is dedicated to making email integration for Salesforce as easy and effortless as possible. Match My Email pushes automated email syncing between a user’s email account and Salesforce to its logical maximum. As a ‘setup and forget’ app, Match My Email transfers the chore of matching emails to Salesforce records from the user to the cloud. In the cloud, computers do the syncing tasks for the user automatically and in background.

Automated email integration saves time and creates better email data in Salesforce for tracking customer activity and analyzing email communications.

Match My Email has always been a platform independent app. It uses the IMAP standard to integrate virtually any email system to Salesforce. This cross platform support of a wide range of email systems has been one of Match My Email key selling points.

To support Match My Email’s all-inclusive vision, the company has improved the setup wizard of the app. Development reworked the setup wizard in the new release to make Match My Email Standard as easy as possible to setup and use. The new setup wizard released over the weekend includes the IMAP credentials of the 24 largest email providers. Now all a new MME customer needs to know is the name of their email provider and their email username and password. The Match My Email setup wizard will handle the rest of the new account setup process.

These are the email providers who are now explicitly supported by the new setup wizard. No other email integration app for Salesforce covers as many email providers. If you don’t see your email provider on the list, don’t worry, Match My Email support can show you how to connect to your email provider and setup the app. We will add your email provider to a subsequent release.

Email Providers Covered by New Wizard [MME works with all IMAP compatible email systems]
[column class=”one-third”]

  • 1&1
  • 123Reg
  • AOL
  • App River
  • Collaborationhost.Net
  • Dotster.Com
  • Elephantoutlook.Com

[column class=”one-third”]

  • Gmail / Google Apps
  • GoDaddy
  • iCloud Mail
  • LCN.Com
  • Myhosting.Com
  • Netclusive.De
  • Office 365
  • One.Com

[column class=”one-third”]

  • OVH.Net
  • OVH.Net Hosted Exchange
  • RackSpace
  • Roadrunner / Time Warner
  • Serverdata.Net / Fusemail
  • Yahoo Mail / Rocket Mail
  • Zoho


Match My Email also works with on-premise proprietary email platforms like Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Open-Xchange and Zimbra. However, integration to these email platforms require involvement of the in-house email admin in order to obtain the IMAP credentials needed to make the IMAP integration work. For customers who have proprietary email servers, please contact Support at for instructions on how to setup the app.

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