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Match My Email Now Works Out-of-the-Box with Salesforce Financial Cloud

Why We Do It

Today, the core competency of the asset management industry is building relationships. Email is still the most frequent way of communicating with clients and maintaining relationships. Financial advisors and wealth managers communicate with clients more often than sales professionals. The distinction between sales and customer service is fading away. Wealth managers need to know exactly where the last email conversation left off, regardless of who had it with the customer. That is where Match My Email comes into play. With our most recent release, wealth advisors and asset managers can have instant access to client email correspondence in Salesforce and rest assured that their emails and the customer-facing emails for the entire sales and service team will be reliably stored in Salesforce. Permanently.

What This Means for Asset Managers

Build stronger relationships, increase assets under management, and have confidence in your CRMs information. With the trust of 100% reliable email capture in Salesforce, asset managers can spend less time on the menial and more time on the meaningful.

How We Do It

Recently, the generic B2B Sales Cloud was reconfigured to address the specific workflows of a wide range of industries. Salesforce has released unique clouds for each of the following industries:

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Government
  • Philanthropy

New Release of Match My Email Provides Best Salesforce Experience for Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers

Match My Email has evolved in tandem with the Sales Cloud. A few years ago, the app was updated to ‘sense’ automatically whether a Sales Cloud deployment was using the original B2B workflow with Contacts and Accounts or a B2C workflow with just Person Accounts. Match My Email has been compatible with Sales Cloud deployments based on Person Accounts for years. Match My Email also works for Community Edition users.

Last week, Match My Email released a new version of its popular email integration app that can ‘sense’ if a Salesforce deployment is using Financial Cloud. If the app determines that the deployment is Financial Cloud then the app is automatically reconfigured to support the Financial Cloud workflow of Contacts and Households.

Match My Email includes a customization layer that can be used to sync emails to custom records or based on custom fields in standard record types. Customization is included as part of the Match My Email subscription so there are no hidden charges.

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