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Look at What Our Customers are Saying About Match My Email

Match My Email has momentum. Its user count has jumped 20% in the past quarter.

Match My Email is the email capture app for Salesforce that actually works. Admins like it because it is ‘setup and forget’, works with any mailbox or mobile device, includes remote administration and can be customized to fit any workflow. Customers like its Lightning interface, amazing mobile experience, useful analytics and reports, hands-free email syncing and clear presentation of information in Salesforce.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at the last three reviews Match My Email got on the AppExchange.

Excellent execution from first call to implementation from Match My Email

Starting from the first phone call from Malcolm straight thru to the implementation by their tech. crew the Match My Email process should be a model to others! The sales / demo team did an excellent job of conveying the business value of the product and the implementation crew are super skilled at getting the software to work on the first try.

Great product and even better support!

Like other reviewers have stated, this is a very useful application to track all email communication within Salesforce. It’s simple, easy to set up, and works!

But even better is their support. They are EXTREMELY responsive and helpful if you encounter any issues with setup or use. They always respond within the same day (usually within an hour or two) and their team really takes the lead in coming up with a solution to what you need.

I recommend MME without hesitation!

Very satisfied with performance and support

We use MME to capture many of our staff members’ emails in our office. The software does exactly what it says it does, and is flexible enough to allow for some of our org-specific process customizations as well. We are very satisfied with the tool.

The support team is also very helpful and available. They were great setting us up on the front end with some specific requests that they were able to satisfy, and they’ve been great on an ongoing basis helping us with ideas we have for utilizing MME to its full potential for our org. If you are looking for a way for all users in a firm to be able to see email correspondence with clients/vendors, MME is the perfect app for you.

Disappointed with Salesforce INBOX, Einstein Email Capture or iHance Absolute Automation?

If you would like to see a Live Demo of the app, Malcolm is ready. You can put an appointment directly on his calendar or setup up a free trial of the app with Ovidiu or Gail.

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