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iHance Needs Replacing, Turn to Match My Email For Quick Alternative

Since Xant, the parent company of iHance, announced that they were shutting down iHance services in late 2020, many former iHance users have been left out to dry. Without a straightforward email integration solution for Salesforce, iHance users have been scrambling to find an alternative tool to iHance. Fret not iHance users! There is an affordable, easy replacement and it’s called Match My Email.

It will be like nobody even knew a change occurred

Like iHance’s Absolute Automation tool, Match My Email automatically captures emails in Salesforce. Match My Email can upload emails as Activity Tasks, like iHance, making sure that a previous iHance users’ workflow continues on uninterrupted. Like iHance, Match My Email connects at the server level to a company’s email provider. Specifically, for Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) and Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) hosted emails, Match My Email can be configured so that the application is 100% centrally administered for all users.

Match My Email is a simple solution that will save time

A solution that creates perfect email data in Salesforce. Match My Email relieves the end-user of countless hours of manual email syncing which makes it the perfect alternative to iHance. Schedule a Demo to learn more about Match My Email. We can discuss any of our features and answer your questions migrating to our email integration solution.

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