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Finally, my emails log to Salesforce automatically, but where is my data?

The Problem

“I just had a support person set up Einstein Activity Capture so that all my emails and events would automatically sync with Salesforce. This has worked, everything is now showing up and I no longer have to manually add things.

However, my emails as of this past Monday are no longer showing up in my activities reports. I was told many things, including that I needed to enable API, but my instructions to do so led me nowhere – I didn’t have the option suggested for me.”

Emails captured by EAC are not stored as physical records in Salesforce. They are stored in AWS and shown as virtual records on the Timeline and in the Activities Analytics dashboard without creating an Email Message record or Task. They can’t be queried like regular core Salesforce Activities. Although this limitation is listed in Salesforce’s considerations page, it seems to have caught many by surprise:

  • Activities added to Salesforce by Einstein Activity Capture are stored in Salesforce databases hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and don’t affect your Salesforce data allocations. There’s no additional costs for this storage.
  • Activities added to Salesforce by Einstein Activity Capture aren’t available in the API.

This limitation is a pain for users and admins who haven’t adopted Einstein Analytics and prefer standard reporting features to the Analytics Dashboards. When dealing with email activity, reports and list views sorted by Last Activity Date (e.g., Which of my Open Deals have I not contacted in the last week) are rendered useless. Similarly, email data cannot be queried when building processes in Process Builder or from a custom UI.

The Solution

Match My Email automatically uploads email data to Salesforce – FROM:, TO:, CC:, BCC:, Date/Time, Subject Line, Body, Attachment(s) and Message ID – and links them relevant standard or custom records. Admins and users can extract critical Email Message data to create Reports, Workflows, List Views, and Processes in your SF org while MME creates a host of metadata in the background. The data can be captured in any standard or custom record or object as they are all stored and available in Salesforce. MME also adds metadata to the Email Message data element; metadata like direction, first, last, total and message ID.

In our data driven economy, accuracy in your reporting is more and more essential. MME can ensure your Email Message data is there when and where you need it.

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