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Improving “Native” Email to Salesforce Integration Tools

Email to Salesforce

Email to Salesforce

Match My Email is a user-driven Salesforce email integration app that offers major improvements to “native” email to Salesforce with integration tools. The current version of Match My Email incorporates hundreds of customer suggestions that have been turned into working code. The app’s development roadmap continues to be almost entirely customer driven; many new features are planned for release in 2015 that originated as user ideas.

Automation Saves Time

The most important improvement that Match My Email offers versus’s ‘native’ Salesforce for Outlook tool is automation. Match My Email automatically matches emails – both in- and outbound – based on email address matching. When the system sees an email address in the header of an email that matches an email address field in Salesforce, it uploads a permanent copy of the email to Salesforce. Automation is the salient differentiator of Match My Emails versus Salesforce for Outlook. Automating the logging of emails to Salesforce saves the average user 3 hours of unproductive work per month.

Benefits of Cloud Technology

Match My Email is cloud technology;’s ‘native’ tool is a software plug-in. Cloud technology has many advantages over software plug-ins. Cloud technology works with virtually any business email system or service at once. Based on the IMAP open standard, Match My Email’s cloud platform works with Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android, and Blackberry computers and mobile devices as well as Gmail, Office365, MacMail, Thunderbird, GoDaddy, Rackspace and more than 40 other email systems to date. Salesforce for Outlook only works with Outlook on Windows connected to an Exchange server.

Cloud technology also has the advantage that it is always on, 24/7/365; a software plug-in only works when the user is doing his or her email. Match My Email’s cloud technology guarantees that the emails messages in Salesforce are 100% complete, accurate and up-to-date because it is based on machine to machine technology that is always on. The ‘perfect’ record of email communications that Match My Email creates in Salesforce can be used for reports and dashboards on user activity or to monitor the intensity of customer engagement.


The third major advantage of Match My Email is customization. Match My Email has an advanced version called MultiMatch that is based on a custom object called Email Messages that includes a custom scripting language written specifically for email integration in The custom object gives Match My Email the ability to build into Salesforce almost any email integration feature a user wants. The scripting language gives a Salesforce administrator the unparalleled flexibility to tailor email integration to their specific industry and workflow.

The Email Messages custom object incorporates many features designed to overcome weaknesses in ‘native’ functionality. The Match My Email MultiMatch version is a “multiple email address and object matcher”; that means that the app can link an email to every and any record in Salesforce that is relevant, not just one Contact or Lead like Salesforce for Outlook. The major benefit of MultiMatching is that the user can be 100% confident that every email is in every associated record. In short, the user can be sure that they are seeing all customer email correspondence when inside a Salesforce record.

De-duplication is another benefit of Match My Email. With Salesforce for Outlook, email duplicates can accumulate at the Account level. Using its custom technology, Match My Email de-duplicates emails as they roll up to the Account level [external dedupe] and de-duplicates emails imported by multiple members of the sales team [internal dedupe].

Match My Email’s user interface reflects years of customer input. Match My Email presents email data in Salesforce in a clear and concise manner. Emails are shown in chronological order starting with who they are FROM. The user can hover the Subject Line and read the underlying email without opening the email in a Visualforce pop-up window. Attachments associated with an email are clearly visible and can be opened with one or two clicks. The Type:Matches column shows the social context of the email inside of Salesforce. Emails can be match to an unrelated record, Unmatch from any record or deleted from the system all together using singular and bulk commands. Date range searching has also been added. In a few weeks, users will be able to reply and forward to emails from inside of Salesforce.

Last but not least, Match My Email can match emails to Salesforce records by ‘precision tags’, as well as email addresses. No other email integration app for Salesforce can match emails using ‘tags’. ‘Precision tags’ are useful as a matching method in ‘project’ record types like Opportunities, Cases, Projects, Matters, Jobs, Contracts etc. They enable system admins to accommodate workflows that include persons who are not ‘identities’ in Salesforce (like vendors and advisors) and/or in situations where multiple projects are open for the same Salesforce Contact.

The bottom line is that Match My Email is an extremely powerful email integration app for It increases user productivity, adoption and usage. It gives sales management the tools and data to better manage the sales process. It increases the value of the email information in Salesforce. The best way to see the power and scope of the Match My Email app is to schedule a Live Demo by emailing:

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