Automated Salesforce Outlook Integration

Capture Outlook Emails in Salesforce

Match My Email automates Salesforce Outlook integration. It works with every version of Outlook for Windows (2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2019), Outlook 2019 for Mac, and Outlook Web Access. The app works with Outlook on any operating system including Windows, Mac, iPhone/iOS and Android.

Match My Email is cloud technology, not a software plug-in. Cloud technology is hassle free.  Outlook add-ons cause compatibility and update problems. They slow down Outlook and your desktop/ laptop.  They cause OS crashes and Internet connection drops.

Match My Email is invisible in Outlook. The app works completely in Salesforce increasing usage and adoption. The app is fully automated and customizable. Cloud apps are managed and updated automatically in the background.

Set Up Your 30 Day Free Trial

Schedule a session to set up your 30 day free trial below. An expert will guide you through the setup process. Match My Email must be installed by a Salesforce Admin.