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Capture Emails and Attachments Automatically in Salesforce and Close More Deals Faster

Customer relationship management. That is what Salesforce is all about. Creating a single point of reference where customer information is captured and shared. Salesforce organizes customer information three buckets: raw data, activity data and related lists.

Activity data in Salesforce involves emails, calls, meetings and tasks. Email represents by far the most frequent type of customer interaction. 70% of business communications is still done by email. So it is critically important to capture email traffic and associate it with the right customer record or records in Salesforce. Otherwise the data in Salesforce is incomplete and the value of the CRM is diminished.

In order to automate email capture, between an email solution like Outlook, Office 365, G Suite, Gmail, Apple Mail, IMAP or Zimbra and Salesforce, email integration needs to be done in the cloud. Cloud-based email syncing has the advantages in that it is always on, works in background, hands-free, once and done, configure and forget, effortless, efficient and convenient. Cloud-based email enables sales reps and sales managers to extract the most value possible from their email data and use that information to close more business, more quickly and with fewer screw ups. Cloud-based email integration can provide a window into email response times and productivity through reports, dashboards and List Views. Admins love the fact that it offers a central control panel where users can be managed and custom configurations can be set up from a single screen and then propagated through the entire Salesforce ORG.

Match My Email Pushes Cloud Technology to the Max Delivering Automated Email Integration for Salesforce

Match My Email is an email integration specialist. The app has been providing cloud-based email integration to Salesforce users for ten years. The app which is listed on the Salesforce AppExchange is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. And these are real reviews from real users, not fake reviews provided by third-party influencers – always be suspect of apps that have thousands of reviews. Match My Email has pushed email integration in Salesforce as deep and as wide as technically possible.

Match My Email is estimated to save the average Salesforce user about 4 hours per month by automatically syncing and logging emails to Salesforce records. The app creates a 100% accurate and complete log of email communications in Salesforce. Users can see inbound and outbound emails by date and time in chronological order in each Salesforce record. The body of the email can be read using a hover over feature or searched for by key word. The app is fully customizable so it can be configured for virtually any Salesforce configuration or workflow. Match My Email works with custom records, fields and filters unlike the native Salesforce email plug-ins. MME support provides free customization support to new subscribers.

Match My Email is a company with a clear vision of the future

Our development resources are focused on making addons to Salesforce that will turn it into an “Activity Driven CRM” giving Salesforce users a next generation CRM without having to switch technology platforms and retrain users.

The best way to see the power and vision of Match My Email is to schedule a Live Demo using the calendar tool on the web site at

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