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16 Features that make MME Unique in the Salesforce Email Integration Market

The question gets asked often. Why do your customers choose Match My Email over the tools provided by Salesforce and other vendors? Email integration for Salesforce is a crowded market with about one dozen offerings. Match My Email has to be special to win in this competitive marketplace.

This is what we heard.

  1. Better email data in Salesforce. Our users can get more out of Salesforce because all the relevant email data is there at their fingertips, easy to read and easy to find.
  2. Automated app versus manual plugin. Users are freed from the boring and tedious chore of clicking ‘Add to Salesforce’ day-in and day-out. Saves users hours of data entry work each month.
  3. Email data is protected and permanent in Salesforce. Match My Email uploads emails to Salesforce permanently so they can be easily retrieved and referenced or used to build reports. If someone leaves the organization, their emails are saved by Match My Email in Salesforce.
  4. Emails are visible organization-wide and sorted by customer or project. Match My Email can sort emails by customer, company, deal or project. Email can be shared with other users or restricted based on enhanced privacy controls. Managers can see firsthand what their employees are saying to customers.
  5. Match My Email works with mainstream and non-mainstream mail systems like Zimbra, Apple Mail and Rackspace. Match My Email has connected Salesforce to 60 different email systems.
  6. The app supports my Community users as well as full-license users.
  7. I can reply to emails using other people’s email addresses in Salesforce.
  8. The app can match emails to multiple email addresses in the same Salesforce record using either custom email address fields or a related list.
  9. I can setup the account using a central control panel and manage the organization-wide configuration remotely. I can activate and deactivate users remotely with a single click.
  10. Lowest priced for high end email integration app on the AppExchange.
  11. It offers a way to bring in old emails for free.
  12. The app is incredibly flexible and can be customized in cool ways. I can use the custom scripting language to fine-tune the way emails are synced in my Salesforce ORG.
  13. Exceptional support/customer service.
  14. Robust data security compliance and the certainty of knowing that email data is ultimately stored securely in Salesforce, not a third party cloud.
  15. Deduplication. The system can tell if two or more users have gotten the same email and compress the duplicate emails into one data element, yet preserving all privacy controls in Salesforce. Amazing.
  16. Confidential tags. Keywords or safe words can be added to emails and those tags will block the emails from entering Salesforce. Confidential tags can also be used to filter out certain types of emails like newsletters or alerts that are not mission critical and create clutter in Salesforce.

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