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MME Technology Blog

Version 1.2 In Production

Match My Email, Version 1.2 went into production yesterday morning. This is the third code release for MME since its launch on January 16, 2011. Match My Email integrates email with MME has applied for the SFDC AppExchange.

In response to customer demand, MME modified the “Ignore” feature. Its processing logic is now more flexible and subtle. Now MME skips an email address that has been “Ignore” depending on its direction — incoming or outgoing or both. It also processes all the email addresses in a message including to:, from:, cc:, bcc:, reply-to: and send-to:

MME can now handle secondary email addresses associated with a single contact. This enables user to match to aliases, personal email addresses and functional email addresses like info@.

The next release of MME will feature a new ‘multi-match’ feature, simultaneous email imports from multiple IMAP servers and packaged Chatter feeds. Plus some clean up of the graphic user interface. Match My Email is improving itself at warp speed.

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