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Using Salesforce as an Email Compliance Tool

Some businesses are highly regulated and must keep all customer-facing emails in the event of an audit by a government body or certification organization. Other businesses have corporate policies requiring the retention of all customer-facing email correspondence for control, compensation or employee evaluation purposes.

Retrieving emails by Account or Customer can be difficult and expensive using traditional stand-alone archiving solutions that mix all emails together in one large data repository. Recovery by account, user or customer can be very time consuming, error prone and dependent on expensive, highly trained IT specialists.


Capture Every Inbound and Outbound Email

Salesforce in combination with Match My Email makes the retrieval of emails by user, account and contact easy. The Match My Email integration app captures every inbound and outbound email and automatically files them into the relevant SFDC records. Match My Email is fully automated, machine-to-machine, so there is no chance that a user will forget to log an email to Salesforce and destroy the integrity of the email record in Salesforce.

For IT administrators, Match My Email offers an easy way to generate compliance reports. Emails can be grouped by user, lead, contact, account or any other standard or custom Salesforce record. The reports can be displayed in Salesforce through dashboards or view lists and/or exported to Excel or Word. Match My Email contains a ‘view” called ‘full list view’ that produces a scroll of the email bodies and their attachments in chronological order. Every email is captured in the cloud, 24/7/365, so the email log can be trusted.

Match My Email can be configured so that emails that have been uploaded to Salesforce and matched to SFDC records cannot be deleted by a user. This makes for a tamper proof solution.

Every Relevant Externally Facing Email is Captured in Salesforce

Match My Email includes scripting tools that enable the matching of emails by domain, subject line words or body tags, not just email address. These tools can be used to ensure that every relevant externally facing email is captured in Salesforce. Domain level matching is used in cases where the churn at a customer account is high and it is impossible to keep the Contact list in Salesforce up-to-date. Subject line word matching is used to precision match emails to the right Opportunity or Project name when multiple Opportunities are open for the same person. Body tagging is used by lawyers, insurance brokers, recruiters and freight forwarders to make sure that all emails related to a ‘matter’ are logged to Salesforce, whether or not the sender or recipient is a Contact in Salesforce. Check out the cartoon below discussing custom matching algorithms in Match My Email.

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