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User Management Improvements

In preparation for AppExchange Security Review, Match My Email releases improvements in role and user management.

Tarrytown, New York, March 8, 2011.  Match My Email upgraded its cloud service over the weekend to Release 1.1.0.    Match My Email implemented a new role and user management architecture in preparation for the Security Review required by (No Software) of all applicants to its AppExchange.

Previously, Match My Email provided three levels of user management:  Global, Domain and User.  Now, it offers five user roles: End-User, Domain Admin, Owner, Global Administrator, and System Administrator.   Most importantly, the Global and System roles, which pertain to the Match My Email staff,  cannot see any user or customer email content or security information like  passwords, security tokens, subject line, content of the email body or attachment data, just metadata related to usernames, entitlements, usage and login or credential failures. 

Role Entitlements
Individual End-User
  • Log-in
  • Control Salesforce and email credentials
  • Select email Folders to import
  • Import email from designated Folders
  • View and act upon his or her own email stream
  • Control ‘Ignore’ list of personal emails
  • Full-text search of all emails and attachments
  • Assign or re-assign email to specific accounts
  • Create RSS feeds to Chatter, browsers and mobile devices  
Domain Administrator
  • Do everything an End-User can do except see his or her passwords and security tokens
  • View and act upon imported email stream for entire domain
  •  Control ‘Ignore’ list for entire domain
  • Add /delete end-users in controlled domain(s);
  • Control all domain-side settings
  • Do everything an end-user and domain admin can do, except see their passwords and credentials
  • Manage Match My Email account
  • Add/delete domains  
  • Add/delete/assign domain admins
Global Administrator (Match My Email)
  • Manage cloud application resources
  • Monitor system uptime
  • No access to passwords or credentials
  • No access to client email content
System Administrator (Match My Email
  • Add/delete application resources
  • No access to passwords or credentials
  • No access to client email content

The enhancements were made in order to comply with the security guidelines and support Match My Email’s application to AppExchange.  Version 1.1.0 was completed in 7 weeks.  It also includes improvements related to the user interface, a self-service 30-day trial wizard, and beta versions of some the Chatter RSS integration features planned for the next two or three releases. 

Match My Email is a true “No Software” email integration application available for  It replaces the current Outlook plug-in for email logging and provides Entourage email synchronization via an Exchange server.  Match My Email works with any IMAP email server and SFDC Enterprise and Unlimited versions out-of-the-box; Professional version users need to obtain API enablement from

At Cloudforce New York last week, Match My Email demonstrated its email integration application to Sales Engineers, customers and prospects.  Match My Email was very well received.  Though many participants were skeptical at the beginning of the demo, by the end, virtually every participant was enthusiastic about the service and recognized its value and utility.

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