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Three Take Aways from an In-Person Dreamforce NYC 2021

This past Thursday, Salesforce hosted its first major in-person event open to the public since the onset of COVID-19. Below are three key takeaways from the event.

1. In-person Salesforce events are far from being like they were pre-COVID

About two years ago to the day, Salesforce hosted their World Tour New York event. Like Dreamforce NYC 2021, World Tour New York 2019 was also hosted in the Javits Center. However, the two events are hard to compare.

Two years ago, Salesforce hosted the World Tour event in the main atrium and numerous accompanying exhibition halls. In 2021, the event was significantly downsized and held in a single smaller exhibition wing.  Salesforce wisely downsized given the diminished attendance, which may have had to do with the COVID precautions…

2. Attending in-person events will be an onerous process for the time being

Salesforce partnered with Senneca to ensure a safe, COVID-free event. To gain admission to Dreamforce NYC 2021, attendees had to upload proof of vaccination a week before the event. Once approved, attendees had to upload proof of a negative rapid-test (PCR or antigen) taken less than 48 hours before the event’s start. Upon arrival to the Javits Center, attendees had to test negative from a rapid-PCR test, which included a ~25 minutes minute wait for results. Lastly, attendees had to show a Dreampass QR code, Government-issued ID, and Dreamforce NYC badge upon entry and re-entry in the Dreamforce exhibition hall. Do not be surprised if safety precautions deter people from attending in-person events.

3. Salesforce’s Einstein still has a lot to learn about activity capture from Match My Email!

Match My Email President, Sam Broda, patting Einstein on the back for trying hard, but ultimately failing in activity capture.

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