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Google Apps Integration Now

At Dreamforce, Marc Benioff acknowledged during the open mike forum that needs to do a better job integrating with Google Apps. He used the words, “it needs to be automatic”.

Match My Email has been offering fully automatic Google Apps integration and the syncing / logging of emails for over one year with full Oauth compatibility.

Based on customer feedback, Match My Email will be launching the ultimate email integration service named MultiMatch in the next month. MultiMatch will automatically link every address in an email to every object in Salesforce containing that address.

MultiMatch will be very efficient. Each email will only be stored once in with links to all the relevant objects like Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Person Accounts and Cases.

Match My Email can integrate up to 5 email inboxes simultaneously per user, 10 email domains per account and works with virtually every email server and service out-of-the-box.

Yesterday, we imported email from an Exchange 2003 server with a one minute set up. Apparently, something other vendors could not do.

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