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Taking the Pulse of Customer Email Engagement in Real Time

Managing the sales process is a lot easier if a sales manager has access to all customer email correspondence in Salesforce in real time. Match My Email provides exactly that functionality in a single web tab labelled VIEW ALL which is embedded in Salesforce.

Tracking email activity between prospects/customers and the sales and support teams is made easy with Match My Email VIEW ALL. All inbound and outbound emails sent and received via a business email domain including G Suite, Office 365 or IMAP-compatible system are listed in chronological order by date and time.

Match My Email can provide a single VIEW of all customer email correspondence in Salesforce

Each email is displayed in terms of FROM, TO, SUBJECT, DATE and ATTACHMENT/SIZE. By hovering over the SUBJECT LINE, a user can read the underlying email body. Or by clicking on the SUBJECT LINE the email will open and be shown in plain text and HTML formats. Emails can be sorted in alphabetical, chronological or size order by clicking on the column headings. In VIEW ALL a sales manager can see emails sent and received by both the sales team and support team at once so he or she has total transparency and visibility of customer email interaction in real time without wasting time asking employees if an email has been sent or received and what it said. When employees know that their managers can see every email in real time, email productivity increases. End users, on the other hand, can only see their own emails in the Match My Email tab in Salesforce; they can’t see the emails of other team members the way the manager can.

From inside the VIEW ALL screen, sales managers can take action as well as watch over the email stream. A manager can manually match an email to any Salesforce record with a three letter look up. Or create a new Salesforce records using the Create button and drag and drop. Or jump to a Salesforce record by hovering over the email in the Matches column, clicking +Match and then clicking the ‘record’ link in the pop-up window.

Email addresses can also be “Ignored” if the manager does not want them matched in Salesforce.

Since the VIEW ALL web tab is a database, a manager can search the last 45-days of customer facing emails by key word or email address or domain name or ‘match state’.

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