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Keeping track of email correspondence in Salesforce

The promise of Salesforce is simple and clear. Sales professionals can do their jobs better and faster – in fact, much much better and faster – if all the information about a customer is available in one place at their fingertips in real time on any device.

  • Details like street address, phone number and title.
  • Activity data like meetings, calls and emails.
  • Related Lists pointing to other records that contain information about the customer.

Add to all that useful data the fact that SFDC records like Leads and Contacts can be shared and Salesforce becomes a collaboration platform supporting the efficiency of the whole sales team.

However, take away one key element – like complete and accurate logs of email correspondence in Activity – and the value of Salesforce is greatly diminished.

Hands-free, automated, customizable Salesforce email integration is the solution

In 2011, the developers at Match My Email realized that the good email integration in Salesforce was lacking. Users were being forced to manually insert emails into Salesforce records or to bcc: replies to a dedicated address. Manual email syncing was time-consuming and inaccurate because users kept forgetting to log emails.

They also recognized that emails are the most frequent mode of customer engagement – 10x to 20x more frequent than phone calls or meetings. They concluded that getting a 100% complete and accurate log of email correspondence into Salesforce was mission critical. Otherwise, the information in Salesforce would be less valuable than the information in the user’s mailbox and users would stay in Gmail and Outlook and not adapt Salesforce. Without a trustworthy email log in Salesforce, usage of the CRM would not happen.

So, the Match My Email developers created a hands-free, fully automated email integration for Salesforce. Its core technology is called MultiMatch and stands for “multiple email address and object matching”. MultiMatch is the technology that makes it possible to sync emails to multiple Contacts at once and then relate the same email to project-oriented record types such as Opportunities, Cases and Projects. MultiMatch can also be extended to match emails by different attributes. Going beyond email address matching, Match My Email can match emails by

  • Domain name
  • Words or Number(s) in the Subject Line
  • Tags or structured expressions in the Body

The custom matching algorithms can be tuned to perform Boolean logic by adding filters and roll-up triggers.

Match My Email is architected to be efficient in terms of data storage

The app only uploads one copy of any email to Salesforce and then uses Related Object Links to make the emails visible in the relevant records. Related Object Links can be programmed to support Team Deduplication, i.e., eliminate duplicate uploads of the same email by multiple users. Match My Email filters out signature logos and social media icons so that Salesforce does not suffer from attachment clutter.

Match My Email is easy to administer

Users can be activated remotely. Because it is pure cloud technology, MME does not need to be installed on each user’s desktop or laptop or phone; the admin can configure and customize the app from a central control panel. The app uses OAuth, where possible, so Google and Office365 users can benefit from the highest levels of security and get persistent password synchronization.

The most efficient way to see the power of Match My Email is to schedule a demo of the app using the scheduling tool on the MME web site at

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