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Syncs Email with Professional and Group Editions

Match My Email has released a new version of its cloud service that works with’s Professional and Group Editions. Orginally, Match My Email was designed to work with the Enterprise and Unlimited Editions targeted at large enterprises. But about 90% of the Salesforce users who contacted Match My Email about its email syncing and logging application were Professional and Group users at small and SOHO businesses.

Match My Email, which was released in January 2011, is ‘industrial strength’ email integration for The service allows each user to integrate up to 5 email accounts simultaneously with The service works completely automatically, in background and resolves all Ambiguous emails — emails with addresses that match to multiple Salesforce records — based on a proprietary algorithm. This ‘No Software” solution is based on the IMAP standard.

Executives can use Match My Email’s email surveillance tools to monitor and read all inbound and outgoing emails from the sales reps under their supervision in near real-time through an embedded web tab.

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