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New Methods of Syncing Emails to Opportunities and Custom Records in Salesforce

salesforce tag matching

Email address matching works great for “identity” based records like Leads, Contact and Accounts. Every email has to contain at least two emails addresses and everyone has an email address. Lead, Contact and Account records contain an email address field that can be matched to. Free tools like Salesforce for Outlook and Salesforce for Gmail are based on email address matching.

salesforce tag matching

But syncing emails to “project” records like Opportunities and Campaigns doesn’t always work based on email address matching. “Project” record types have a start and finish, expected values based on phases and related to things like contracts, reservations, insurance policies, matters of law, orders, assets and shipments.

Email address matching to “projects” can result in clutter if multiple projects are open for the same person in Salesforce. In addition, if a “project” involves a participant who is not a Contact in Salesforce – like a lawyer, accountant, broker, underwriter, jobber, expediter — there is no way to link that participant’s emails to the project record.

Leading Edge Email Matching Integration Technology Released by Match My Email

To overcome the limitations of “email address matching”, Match My Email has released a custom scripting language that enables to Salesforce users to sync to standard and custom SFDC records based on “word” or “tag” matching. If the Match My Email cloud sees a “word” in the Subject Line of an email or a “tag” in the body of the email, that email is automatically linked and uploaded to the appropriate record; the app simultaneously matches the same email by email address matching to the right Contact and Account.

Match My Email’s new email syncing algorithms are based on:


SUBJECT LINE WORD matching works this way. The user defines a TEXT FIELD in any standard or custom record. Match My Email uploads the contents of that TEXT FIELD to its Email Cloud. Every time an email arrives in the User’s INBOX or leaves his or her SENT folder that contains the WORD in the Subject Line, Match My Email is programmed to automatically upload that email to the designated standard or custom record. A use model would be adding the WORD Opp101 to the Subject Line of every email related to that Opportunity. The app would see Opp101 in the outbound email and match that email to the record. If the recipient replies to the email without changing the Subject Line, the email will also be precision matched to the Opp101 record automatically. WORDs can be inserted in to the Subject Line on the outbound by cut and paste or sending SFDC mail templates from inside the Salesforce record using Mail Merge.

UNIVERSAL BODY TAG refers to using the unique file extension number of an Opportunity (or any record in Salesforce, for that matter) as a way of matching an email to that record. Each SFDC record – standard or custom – has an ID. That ID can be captured automatically in a custom field using a FIELD FORMULA in Salesforce. Match My Email can be programmed to upload the contents of the custom field, what we call the Universal Body Tag field, to its Email Cloud. Every time an email arrives in the MME Email Cloud that has the same Universal Body Tag in it, Match My Email will automatically add the email to the record with the same SFDC ID. UNIVERSAL BODY TAGS can be inserted in emails by cut and paste, adding them to a mail template or by using the Match My Email ‘Sent Email’. ‘Reply’, ‘Reply All’ or ‘Forward’ buttons inside a Salesforce record.

CUSTOM BODY TAG work the same way as UNIVERSAL BODY TAGs except they can be customized. A CUSTOM BODY TAG can be based on any custom field in a Salesforce record as long as it starts with the “mme” prefix and does not contain any spaces.

Let Match My Email Help Your Business

Match My Email does not charge for custom syncing.  Professional services related to custom email syncing are include in the base subscription price.

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Match My Email is a cross platform email integration app that includes robust customization tools. The app has been designed to pushed automated email integration to its theoretical limits. The system is used for Salesforce Outlook Integration, Salesforce Gmail Integration, Salesforce MacMail integration and Salesforce IMAP integration. To date, the app has been integrated with 40+ business email systems. Match My Email works with Apple, Exchange, Lotus, GoDaddy, Gmail and Intermedia, to name a few target email systems. The app costs $22.95 per user per month and estimated to save the average user 23 hours per month syncing emails.

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