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Syncing Emails in Salesforce using Case Numbers

Customers sometimes have multiple Salesforce Cases open at the same time. Syncing emails to Salesforce Cases based on email addresses will result in one of two problems: an email being filed in the wrong Case or duplicate emails being uploaded to multiple open Cases.

A good solution is to sync emails based on SDFC Case Numbers. Match My Email includes a customization module that can be configured to scan inbound and outbound emails to look for Case Numbers in either the Subject Line or Email Body. If the Match My Email algorithm finds a Case Number, it will precision match the email to the correct Case. If the email doesn’t include a Case number, the algorithm will revert to email address matching.

What makes Match My Email the best email integration app on the market is its AutoSync nature. This is a cloud-based email integration engine that automatically collects copies of inbound and outbound emails from a user’s mailbox, processes the emails using AI algorithms, and figures out where to put them in Salesforce. Once emails are captured in your CRM, they are permanently saved to records (unless you decide to delete them). The entire process is hands-free, relieving users of hours of mindless and inaccurate data entry.

Email integration for Salesforce has been the #1 pain point for Salesforce users for many years because the tools provided by Salesforce only work on a limited number of devices and technologies. For example, Salesforce email syncing tools don’t work on MAC or with non-Microsoft/Google mailboxes. They can’t integrate emails from Microsoft, Apple and Google environments at once. Match My Email, on the other hand, can work with any email account on any computer or device. In fact, to date, Match My Email has integrated emails from more than 60 different email systems to Salesforce. Let Match My Email show you how we make your Salesforce experience better.

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