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Make Life Easy & Productive by Syncing Emails to Salesforce

Salesforce email integration

It’s easy to get distracted today. Sales professional are barraged by phone calls, emails, text messages and social media posts. The constant stream of calls, texts and emails can get overwhelming. When does anyone have time to sync emails to Salesforce using the ADD TO SALESFORCE button? The answer is ‘never’, so it doesn’t get done.

Effortless Cloud-Based Salesforce Email Integration

Hands off email integration in the cloud is the answer. Automated email syncing removes the chore of logging emails to Salesforce from a sales rep’s daily ‘to do’ list. Instead computers do the thankless, but important, job of matching emails to the right records in Salesforce. No more opening Outlook or Gmail or MacMail and pushing a button to upload an email to a Salesforce record. With cloud-based email integration, sleepless computers import copies of the emails, take them apart looking for email addresses and then upload the matched emails to the right Salesforce record or records – all in background, completely hands off, setup and forget, always on. Cloud-based email integration is effortless email integration.

Salesforce email integration

The other great thing about cloud-based email integration is that it works with every kind of computer and device. It doesn’t matter if the email is sent from an iPhone, Android device, PC or Mac. With cloud-based Salesforce email integration, every email is captured – regardless of where it is sent from or received — from the email cloud of the email service provider like Google Apps or Office365. That means that a cloud-based email syncing app like Match My Email works with Outlook, MacMail, Thunderbird, OX Mail and Gmail simultaneously. Based on the IMAP email integration standard, Match My Email has connected more than 40 different emails systems to

Match My Email Is Flexible and Customizable

Automating the syncing and logging of emails from Gmail, Outlook, MacMail or OX Mail creates a perfect record in Salesforce of all email correspondence. Cloud-based system like Match My Email don’t make mistakes, so an institutional memory of all email correspondence is created inside Salesforce. Automated Salesforce email integration apps capture every inbound and outbound email and match them to the right Salesforce record or records. Match My Email can match emails to Salesforce records by email address, domain name, words in the subject line or body tag. The app is flexible and works with custom and standard Salesforce records.

Automated email syncing and logging makes a user’s life easy and productive but it is not technically easy. It takes years to perfect. It requires programming a careful balance between thoroughness, de-duplication and security. Match My Email has developed such a technology over the past six years called “multimatch with full de-duplication and privacy controls”. No other email integration vendor offers such advanced technology.
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