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Sweating the Details: Match My Email Version 2.2 Released

New Version of Match My Email Improves Performance, Productivity and Compatibility

Tarrytown, New York, May 3, 2012. Match My Email’s new release, Version 2.2, was inspired by an interview with Drew MacDonald, the Founder and CEO of Dropbox. In the interview, Drew spoke about focusing on details to mask complexity. He described the ease-of-use and simplicity of Dropbox as the result of engineers sweating the small details to drive compatibility with the wide range of devices, browsers and operating systems to make the cloud appear simple and effortless.

The developers at Match My Email were inspired by Drew’s approach to technology and took the same approach to Version 2.2. On the surface, the end-user will not notice much difference – simple, trouble-free automatic email syncing and logging to — , but under the covers the technology has been radically improved in terms of speed, resource usage and browser compatibility. In version 2.2, Match My Email’s entire code base is written in PERL. By consolidating on one programming language, instead of using bits and pieces from various open source and proprietary projects, the code base is now 30% more efficient. That means that the amount of resources used by Match My Email have declined by 30% — in terms of API calls – and the system can now process 30% more emails per day without running up against limits.

The switch to 100% PERL has also enabled the development team to implement new matching algorithms that more sophisticated than the previous versions based on C++ and the Mailspect Email Stream Management scripting language. They implemented a new algorithm named, “Email Syncing with Social Intelligence” for the No Custom Object or NCO Standard version of Match My Email. This algorithm automatically identifies the most important email address in the email based on its position in the header and matches that email to the most relevant record within With ‘NCO Standard’ enterprises can implement fully automatic email syncing and logging into complex environment using ‘zero touch’ technology, .i.e., a completely standard implementation of the API requiring zero customization of Profiles, Page Layouts, Reports or Dashboards. The NCO Standard Version now shares the same ‘privacy lists’ and ‘reactive controls like Ignore, Remove, Match and Unmatch’ as Match My Email’s incredibly popular MultiMatch version.

For simpler or new environments, Match My Email offers the unique MultiMatch version that enables any sales organization to create a 100% complete or canonical email log or email archive. A canonical email log is essential to maximizing the productivity of With a canonical log, the sales rep never has to leave to see the entire record of email communications with a customer – in near real-time. By consolidating the code base, the developers also were able to implement the Email-to-Case workflow in MultiMatch as well as Google Docs integration enhancements. If there is sufficient customer demand, Match My Email can now integrate purchase order and invoice stripping with Dropbox, iCloud, Skydrive and

Having a homogeneous code base has the added benefit of speeding development. Version 2.2 has created the foundation for fully automatic password and security token authentication with Match My Email already has an authentication layer with Google Apps via Oauth and IMAP via LDAP and Active Directory. With the addition of authentication, Match My Email will have created a true ‘set-up and forget’ email integration platform.

Match My Email is dedicated to creating the best email syncing and logging service on the market. All our development resources are focused on this goal, so that the 2 million+ users will finally have all email communications at their fingertips in real time.

About RAE Internet
RAE Internet, Inc., headquartered in Tarrytown, N.Y., is the developer of Match My Email and the Mailspect line of products as well as a reseller of F-PROT Antivirus and Cloudmark Authority. Match My Email is the first fully automatic email integration, syncing and logging cloud application for The Mailspect platform is used by email administrators at enterprises, ISP’s, email service providers, schools and governments to protect and extract value from the email stream at either the gateway or mail server level. Mailspect Defense integrates with the leading antivirus and antispam engines (i.e., Clamd, Cloudmark, ESET, F-PROT, Mailshell, Sophos and Spamassassin). Mailspect Archive enables organizations to comply with email retention rules and regulations.
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