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Salesforce Outlook Mac Integration Solution on the Appexchange

Salesforce Outlook Mac

Salesforce Outlook Mac

Salesforce Outlook Mac” is an IT combination that is not supported by There is not Salesforce for Outlook for Mac email integration tool available for the Sales Cloud. Salesforce for Outlook only works on Windows machines.

Luckily, there is a Salesforce for Outlook Mac solution on the AppExchange that can solve the email syncing and logging needs of Mac users. This app is called Match My Email. Match My Email adds emails from Outlook for Mac 2011 or MacMail connected to any email provider. Match My Email can be configured to work on a single Mac in a company where everyone else uses Windows PCs or rolled out across an entire organization of Mac users using different Apple products on different Apple operating systems, i.e., OSX or iOS.

Match My Email offers very flexible configuration options. The system gives the end user the power to select the email folder(s) that he or she wants to sync to Salesforce. Most users pick INBOX and SENT ITEMS so the app works in a ‘totally automated mode’ syncing all the emails that are received or sent from a Mac to Salesforce. Other users configure the app in ‘total control mode’. In total control mode, only emails dragged and dropped into a ‘Sync to Salesforce’ folder get added to Salesforce. Still other users only log emails to Salesforce once they are moved to client or customer subfolders whether they are using Outlook for Mac or MacMail or Gmail. Old emails can also be added to Salesforce by creating a special Legacy Import folder. This ‘smart’ folder knows how many emails Salesforce will allow the user to sync in a 24 hour period and keeps email processing just below that daily limit. The Legacy Import folder mode can import 10,800 old emails per user per month.

Most Match My Email users choose the ‘totally automated mode’. Syncing all emails that drop into INBOX or are sent from SENT ITEMS has many advantages. First, total automation relieves the end user of the manual task of deciding which Salesforce records to put an email into and then clicking the ADD TO SALESFORCE button. Based on user surveys, removing this manual task saves the average user 3 hours of work per month. Second, automation improves the timeliness of email data in Salesforce. Since Match My Email is a cloud application and it is ‘always on’. The app is syncing and logging emails to Salesforce 24/7/365 regardless of what the user is doing – work, travel, vacation, illness, sleep — or where the user is—in the office, at a client, traveling or at home. With total automation, users can be confident that all emails are in Salesforce and up-to-date, especially in shared records like Leads, Contacts, Person Accounts, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases. Since the emails are accessible both from a traditional desktop computer or a mobile device using Salesforce1, users have constant access to all customer correspondence.

Match My Email is fully customizable and can match emails to custom Salesforce objects and fields based on almost any workflow.

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