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Achieving Salesforce Outlook Integration for Mac users without disrupting PC users?

More and more companies are letting employees choose: Mac or PC. More and more employees are choosing Mac over PC because of its superior easy-of-use and absence of malware. But adding a few Macs into an IT environment that is predominately PC can create some unexpected issues. One such issue is “How Salesforce Outlook Integration for Mac can look exactly like the emails being logged by the PC users?” This is a particularly important problem because Salesforce for Outlook does not work on MacIntosh; it only works on Windows.

Salesforce Outlook Integration
by Match My Email

The ‘no hassle’ way to integrate Outlook for Mac 2011 with Salesforce!

Salesforce Outlook Integration for Mac, Match My EmailThe solution is Match My Email. Match My Email has a version especially well-suited for Salesforce Outlook Integration for Mac 2011 called Standard. Standard puts emails into Activity History just like Salesforce for Outlook. This enables Mac users to work side-by-side with Window users and still have their email synced and logged to When the Windows user sees a record in Salesforce — whether it is a Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity or Case – they will see emails inserted into Activity History as Tasks, exactly as they would appear if the Mac user were using the Salesforce for Outlook on Windows plug-in.

Match My Email offers additional benefits to Mac users. It can be configured to be fully automatic. Unlike Outlook for Salesforce on Windows that forces the user to take an action each time an email is logged to Salesforce (i.e., click on the Add To Salesforce button), Match My Email can sort and file the emails to the right Salesforce record(s) automatically for the end-user. This saves the user hours of manual work each year logging emails to Salesforce. In addition, Match My Email creates better email data in Salesforce because it can be setup machine-to-machine. Taking the human out of the equation guarantees that the email record in Salesforce is perfect and up-to-date – no more missing emails in Salesforce due to human error or omission.

Finally, Match My Email’s proprietary ‘folder selection’ technology enables users to easily sync 100 to 10,000 old emails with a couple of mouse clicks.

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