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Seamless Salesforce Mac Integration with Match My Email

Salesforce Mac Integration

A major gap in’s CRM platform is its lack of email integration with the MAC world. Users of Mail, Apple Mail or are just plain out of luck.’s email plug-ins don’t’ work on of Apple MacBook and Air, iPad and iPhone so users are stuck doing manual copy/paste to get emails logged in Salesforce records. MAIL, which is preconfigured to work with popular email providers, such as Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Gmail, Office365/Outlook and iCloud (formerly MobileMe) as well as Exchange, can’t connect to Salesforce. This is an issue for Salesforce Mac integration.

Salesforce Mac Integration

Match My Email offers seamless Salesforce Mac Integration

Match My Email provides an app that connects MAIL, Apple Mail, Mac Mail, Gmail, Outlook for Mac (as well as any other OSX or iOS email client) to The app comes in two versions: Standard that puts emails automatically into Activity History; or MultiMatch that puts emails into a custom Visualforce component. Standard is well suited for isolated Mac users in larger PC deployments. MultiMatch is best when it is rolled out across homogeneous MAC deployments.

Both versions of Match My Email are fully automated. They relieve the user of the need to manually sync and log emails to Salesforce. The app works on a twenty minutes cycle, 72 times per day, pulling emails from the user’s INBOX and SENT folders, parsing the emails for email addresses and “name tags” and then automatically inserting copies of the “matched” emails into Salesforce records.

The custom or MultiMatch version of Match My Email includes numerous improvements on native Salesforce email handling in Activity History.

  • Reply and Forward from inside Salesforce
  • State-of-the-art email visualization tools – Show More, Show Full List, Read Body on Hover Over
  • Powerful reports and dashboards for tracking activity
  • The capability to create 100% complete email records in Salesforce
  • Tools that enable the automatic and manual matching of emails to custom objects and records
  • The capability to add Chatter Feeds and/or Tasks to emails for workflow purposes
  • “Name tag” matching to Opportunities or other “project” records
  • Bulk commands and data cleansing
  • Attachment filtering and off-site storage
  • A utility for matching old emails

Match My Email costs $17.95 per use per month. It is estimated to save the average user three hours of time per month so it pays for itself in less than one week. Match My Email offers a 30-day trial with free installation support.

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