Automated Mac Integration for Salesforce

Best Mac Email Integration Tool for Salesforce

Match My Email provides Salesforce email integration for Mac users. MME works in both pure Apple IT environments and mixed Apple, PC and/or Linux environments. Match My Email is configurable and can accommodate both automated email capture or selective manual syncing or a mixture of automatic and manual email integration in the same Salesforce deployment. Match My Email works with every Mac-compatible email solution – iPhone, Apple Mail, MacMail, Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Airmail, Spark, Canary Mail, Unibox, Mailmate.

Sales professional love Match My Email because it relieves them of the task of email data entry into Salesforce and speeds email lookup and retrieval by organizing emails in shared customer records – Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases and Custom Objects.

Sales managers love Match My Email because it lets them track email activity by user and customer in real time without having to ask the sales team for information. MME creates an institutional memory of all client facing email correspondence in Salesforce – permanently.

Salesforce Admins love Match My Email because it can be activated remotely with a few clicks and doesn’t require the installation of software on every Mac.

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