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Salesforce Email Integration Enables Small Businesses to Compete and Prosper

Big business has a huge advantage over small business. Customers are attracted to size and brand. If a business can say that it is 1# in a market, many consumers will buy that product or service because they assume that market leadership is a proxy for superior value. To overcome the advantages possessed by a market leader, small businesses need to be more creative, more organized, more price competitive and more efficient.

Small and medium-size businesses need to be more organized and efficient than big businesses to be competitive and successful

As customer relationship management and transaction processing move into the cloud, small businesses actually have a new advantage over big business. Cloud apps can level the playing field. Small business can benefit from highly organized and efficient business apps that traditionally were only available to large organizations. Apps like Office365, Quickbooks Online, Paypal, and Salesforce can be used together to automate mission-critical business processes like Lead to Cash. Big businesses, on the other hand, are often stuck with old mainframe or client-server computing systems that are difficult to use and expensive to run. These legacy systems are terrible at integrating data across apps.

Cloud computing apps have the advantage that they were built on Open Source software and Open Standards. They contain API’s or application protocol interfaces that enable the sharing or integration of data between apps. has one of the best API’s in the industry.

Thousands of companies use the API to integrate data generated by third-party apps. These third-party app vendors offer their solutions on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Email still represents the dominant mode of business communications

One area of intense interest on the AppExchange is email integration for Salesforce. A typical employee will send and receive 125 emails per day; 30% of which relate to customer records. Logging 40 emails per day to Salesforce by drag & drop is tedious and time-consuming. Over time, users tend to avoid the chore, so many emails never get posted to Salesforce. As the email record in Salesforce gets less reliable due to missing emails, users stop trusting and using Salesforce.

Match My Email is pure cloud technology

The solution is to implement an automated, cloud-based email syncing app like Match My Email. All data is handled securely in the cloud and integrated seamlessly computer to computer. No human interaction is required for all inbound and outbound emails to get synced to the right Salesforce record or records. The app is completely hands-off and set & forget once it is installed.

With Match My Email, the email record in Salesforce is sorted by customer record automatically and in the background. The app makes sure that the emails are linked to all relevant records so the email data in Salesforce is organized and complete – again with no user involvement or action. When the email data in Salesforce becomes more accurate than the email data in the users’ mailboxes then the users start relying on Salesforce to get their day-to-day work done. 100% email syncing to Salesforce results in more Salesforce usage and adaption.

Match My Email works with all standard and custom record types

If your organization would benefit from Salesforce email integration, please schedule a Live Demo of Match My Email or a free trial of the app. Match My Email works with most versions of Salesforce and more than 60+ email systems including the market leaders Microsoft Office365 and Exchange, Google and Apple.

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