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NOSQL Database Pioneer, Basho, Uses Match My Email for Salesforce Gmail Integration

Salesforce Gmail Integration

Salesforce Gmail Integration

About Basho

Basho Technologies Inc., Bellevue, Washington, is the developer of Riak, a distributed database (popularly categorized as a NoSQL database) that provides extreme high-availability, fault-tolerance, and operational simplicity. Accordingly to Wikipedia, “NoSQL databases are finding significant and growing industry use in big data and real-time web applications.” NOSQL systems offer horizontal data scalability, simplicity of design and access speed advantages over traditional relational databases like MySQL, DB2 and Oracle. Riak is the leading NOSQL database based on ‘key value’ technology and the only distributed database to combine key value, object storage and search. Basho also offers Riak CS, a cloud-based object storage system that sits on top of Riak.

Riak has experienced rapid market acceptance by the Fortune 100 and has been implemented in many of the world’s fastest-growing Web-based, mobile and social networking applications, both in the enterprise and the in cloud. Basho’s customers include Best Buy, CNN, Comcast, Google, Yahoo! Japan, Workday, Dell and The Weather Channel.

Salesforce Gmail Integration

With over 110 employees today, Basho represents one of the largest pools of engineers and technical talent devoted exclusively to distributed systems software. Basho enjoys the respect of a large and growing worldwide community of influential programmers, IT architects and academics. Basho is the founder and lead sponsor of RICON A Distributed Systems Conference for Developers.

Today, Basho offers open-source and commercial editions of Riak and Riak CS. Riak Enterprise extends Riak with additional features, including multi-datacenter replication, and provides customers with 24×7 customer support.

Problem Definition

Since its founding in 2008, Basho has experienced rapid growth in both its customer base and sales organization. To keep pace with that growth, Basho needed a customer relationship management system that could scale and simultaneously be tailored to its evolving sales process. Basho selected’s cloud technology because it eliminated the need for in-house IT staff / infrastructure and could be easily customized to Basho’s sales workflow.

Basho uses Gmail as its email infrastructure. To Basho’s surprise, does not offer email integration with Google. SFDC’s email integration tool is called Salesforce for Outlook and it only works on Microsoft Outlook on Windows connected to a Microsoft Exchange server. To solve its Salesforce gmail integration needs, Basho had to turn to the AppExchange for a third-party app.

The ‘native’ Salesforce email integration tool has another drawback; it is manual, not automated. That means that the user must click on every email – sent and received – to add it to Salesforce. After a while users stop doing this repetitive task out of fatigue and because they get no immediate positive feedback for remembering to click the ADD TO SALESFORCE button. To ensure usage and adoption as well as boost productivity, Basho looked for an automated email syncing and logging solution for Gmail.


Basho found that automated solution in Match My Email, an ISVForce member featured on the AppExchange. Match My Email takes a unique approach to email integration for The app is strictly in the cloud. Hosted at Amazon Web Servers, its integration technology is based on the IMAP open standard making the app platform independent. Match My Email has been integrated to date with more than 40 different email systems including Gmail, Google Apps, Office 365, Rackspace, GoDaddy, Sherweb, Yahoo, 1&1, Network Solutions, Intermedia and Hostgator, to name a few.

Match My Email works on a twenty minute cycle syncing and matching emails to Salesforce records in background. The system is always on, because it operates in the cloud connecting the email cloud to the Salesforce cloud. It doesn’t care if a device is on or off, it talks directly to the email server. 24/7/365, the app imports copies of emails and then parses the email addresses in their headers. These email addresses are compared to email address fields in Salesforce records. When a match is found – hence the name Match MY Email – a copy of the email and its attachment(s) is uploaded to Salesforce. This simple, automated system saves the average user 3 hours of manual work per month.

In addition, the automated system creates a ‘perfect’ email record in Salesforce. Every email message is captured and matched to associated Salesforce records. With Match My Email, Salesforce users can be sure that they are seeing all the email correspondence between the customer base and the extended sales team. With time, the email record in Salesforce becomes more and more valuable because it is 100% complete and up-to-date; this, in turn, increases Salesforce usage and adoption.

Match My Email is highly customizable and features a scripting language written specifically for email integration to With the scripting language, emails can be matched based on email addresses or tags or a combination of the two and matched to standard or custom objects and fields.

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