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iPad, Android, iPhone, Windows and Gmail: Email Syncing for

The cloud is platform independent. In the cloud, all devices are equal and interoperable. Match My Email is the first open platform / device independent email syncing and logging service for Built for the cloud, Match My Email works with HP PCs or personal computers, Dell desktops, Lenovo laptops, Apple iPads, Macbooks, Android tablets like the Samsung Glaxay, netbooks from ASUS, smartphones from Motorola and LG, windows phones from Nokia and Apple iPhones. Plus Match My Email works with Outlook, Gmail, Groupwise, Lotus, Microsoft Exchange, the incredible and rapidly growing Open-Xchange groupware platform for ISP’s, Rackspace webmail, Yahoo!, AOL and many, many more email servers and services.

gmail-logoMatch My Email is a cloud connector and integrator. It imports emails through basic webmail protocols and then syncs it with This is done by matching email addresses in both the emails and all objects — Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts and Cases. Match My Email is the only fully automatic email syncing tool that can produce a 100% accurate and complete email log inside

All that technical stuff is great, but what does Match My Email do for the end-user.

Well, Match My Email saves the average sales rep 25,000 mouse clicks per year versus a manual tool like Salesforce for Outlook — that equals about 360,000 seconds per year. Match My Email works with all your devices simultaneously: PC, laptop, iPad, and smartphone. So you are never out-of-touch with the home office and the sales cycle. Match My Email is 100% fully automatic. It does all the work of matching and logging emails for you. And the service is ‘set up and forget’. Set up the configuration, input your credentials and it works in the background, always on and in real time. Match My Email offers usability features like Reprocessing, Reports and Reactive Controls that are unique and make the system a joy to have as part of your environment. Certified by as secure and reliable, Match My Email is something that once you experience it you won’t be able to imagine life without it.

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