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Perfect Email Capture in Salesforce with Zero User Effort

Email capture is a critical element of any Salesforce deployment. Adding every inbound and outbound email into Salesforce, seamlessly, with zero user effort, increases Salesforce adoption, usage, and user satisfaction.

With email capture, email information in Salesforce is easy to find, better organized, more comprehensive and more accurate than Outlook or Gmail. Once users realize that they can see the entire email correspondence with a customer in Salesforce – both their personal emails and the emails of colleagues – adoption skyrockets. The better the email data in Salesforce, the more sales reps (and their managers) will use Salesforce and benefit from its features like pipeline management, pre-approved mail merge templates and workflow tracking. More Salesforce usage results in higher sales and faster closings with fewer sales people. Automated email capture can free up 4 hours of productive time per month for an average sales rep.

Email integration plug-ins apps like Salesforce for Outlook, Salesforce INBOX, Cirrus Insight and Linkpoint360 try to get the users to work in Gmail or Outlook and stay away from Salesforce, which is absolutely the wrong approach. An email integration app should get users to work in Salesforce as much as possible. The Salesforce platform offers much more in terms of productivity, tracking, compliance and consistency that Gmail or Outlook ever will.

Match My Email Captures Every Relevant Email and Puts it in the Right Salesforce Records Automatically

Match My Email is an app designed to capture every inbound and outbound email and put it into Salesforce. The app is invisible in Gmail and Outlook because it works at the cloud level, not at the device level. Cloud apps have the advantage that they are on 24/7/365 and operate machine-to-machine with no errors or omissions, zero human effort and higher security. No email is ever missed by a cloud app because everything is automated computer-to-computer. The user is taken completely out of the email integration equation and replaced by computers. Cloud apps are also easier to deploy and permit Salesforce Admins activate Office 365 and Google Suite users remotely without user involvement with a single click.

Once emails are captured in Salesforce, email activity can be tracked and viewed by managers and users. List Views can be created using the Match My Email Reports package that show which Leads or Opportunities are inactive, i.e., Cold. Cold Leads or Opportunities are generally defined as SFDC records that have had no email, call or meeting activity in the past week or couple of days. Sales reps can then work through the Cold List and engage with inactive prospects. Once a sales rep takes an action, the ‘cold’ Lead or Opportunity is dynamically updated and its falls off the List View.

Match My Email is highly rated on the Salesforce AppExchange, receiving 4.9 out of 5.0 stars from its customers. The app has been successful in the market for years with its first customer still active after 8.5 years. The rate of adoption at Match My Email keeps accelerating as Salesforce admins realize that its really solves email capture requirements – standard and custom – and is designed for ease of deployment and administration.

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