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New Year’s Resolution – Stop Worrying about Syncing Emails to Salesforce

2019 is the year that every Salesforce user can stop worrying about syncing emails to Salesforce. With just a username and password, Match My Email will process every email and match it to the correct record in Salesforce in background, remotely, hands-free, automatically, 24/7/365.

Match My Email is the most convenient, stress-free way to get emails into Salesforce. The Match My Email cloud app works in background connecting to the user’s INBOX and SENT folders every twenty minutes, 72 times per day. The app grabs a copy of each new inbound and outbound email and moves it to the MME cloud at Amazon Web Services. There the email is analyzed and matched to Salesforce records. The app looks at email addresses in To, FROM, CC and BCC. It also can sync emails by words or numbers in the Subject Line or tags in the Email Body. Once the app identifies a match, the email is immediately and permanently uploaded to Salesforce and visible in the correct Salesforce record or records.

The app works with every kind of email system and device using Open API’s and Open Authentication

Once Match My Email is activated, users can rest assured that they are seeing every email between themselves and the customer in Salesforce. In shared Salesforce records, every email between the customer and the entire sales team will be stored and visible. Users can read the emails by hovering over the Subject Line or clicking on the email. Attachments are shown as a paperclip to the right of the email.

If an email does not match a Salesforce record, it is stored in the MME cloud for 45 days under the NO MATCH status. Users can search the MME cloud for NO MATCH emails and then use the +MATCH command to create a new Salesforce record and log the first email into it. Users can create LEADS, CONTACTS, ACCOUNTS, OPPORTUNITIES AND CASES. +Match supports drag and drop so no typing is necessary.

The MME cloud includes a feature called Reprocessing. The app looks back forty-five days at every NO MATCH email in the MME cloud every twenty minutes looking for new matches. If an email has arrived before the user has had a chance to create a new Salesforce record, no worries. As soon as the user has created a new Salesforce record, the app will automatically sync the old email to the new Salesforce record.

Match My Email includes a feature for bringing all emails – emails received before a user is a Salesforce subscriber – into Salesforce automatically, in bulk and in background.

Learn How Match My Email automatically matches and syncs emails to Salesforce

If you use Outlook, MacMail, Gmail, Exchange, Lotus, Rackspace, Smarsh, Godaddy, Office 365, Network Solutions, 1&1, Zimbra, Zoho, or any other IMAP compatible email system, Match My Email is the solution for you.

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