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New Release Improves Character Set Translation to

Match My Email promoted to production a new release of its cloud software, Version 2.4.0, over the weekend. As a cloud application, Match My Email can update its service in the background without any end-user intervention or impact. This is in contrast to an Outlook or Gmail plug-in like Salesforce for Outlook or Salesforce for Gmail that must be manually updated by each end-user individually. Automatic updates and upgrades are time savers and convenient. Match My Email estimates that they save the average user two hours of unproductive work each year. Combined with open authentication (OAuth) to, Google and the email cloud, this technology reduces the administrative burden of running cloud service like Match My Email to pennies per user per year.

Version 2.4.0 focused on translating complex character sets in both emails and their attachments to a format that is compatible with’s database structure and can be displayed clearly in As expands overseas, email syncing and logging tools need to be handle to more and more exotic alphabets and unique character sets. Match My Email now has customers in 10 countries worldwide and is encountering a proliferate non-Latin alphabets and special characters in emails and their attachments. Character set translation is difficult, especially as it relates to attachments and their content. It involves bleeding-edge technology even though its end-result looks easy and intuitive to the end-user. Version 2.4.0 solves all reported character set issues that our customers had encountered with foreign alphabets and symbols.

Match My Email is the only fully automatic email syncing and logging service available for users. By analogy, it can be compared to a Google Driverless Car versus the other old-fashion manually operated vehicles on the road. Autonomous integration of email and its attachments with mainstream business application like customer relationship management is the wave of the future.

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