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New Microsoft 365 Admin Control Panel Released by Match My Email

Office 365 is growing exponentially. Larger and larger organizations are using it. To accommodate big organizations with heavy admin workloads, Match My Email released a new version of its email integration app for Salesforce that includes a brand new Microsoft 365 Control Panel.

The new Control Panel enables admins to setup users with a few clicks and enhances security. Match My Email can now automatically and bulk upload Salesforce users and Microsoft 365 users into the same screen in the Control Panel. Admins can then pick the users to be activated from the uploaded user lists. Uploading user information in bulk to Match My Email means that very large Salesforce ORG can be integrated quickly and then kept up-to-date in terms of end-user churn, i.e. adding and deleting users.

End users are no longer required to participate in a two-step setup process to comply with Salesforce security and privacy guidelines. The Admin can do the entire setup process. End-user only need to click the Match My Email tab embedded in Salesforce to use the app.

The new version uses the most advanced authentication technology available, Open Authentication or OAuth, to connect both Salesforce and Microsoft 365 to the Match My Email cloud. Using OAuth means better security and privacy. With the new OAuth Control Panel, credentials — usernames, passwords or tokens — are no longer stored in the MME cloud. That means that there is nothing to hack, just a bunch of “random OAuth security strings” that are undecipherable. Instead, user credentials are stored on Salesforce and Microsoft 365 clouds with the new version. [Match My Email also authenticates to Google Suite and Gmail using OAuth.] To hack the MME cloud and read end-user emails, hackers would have to hack both Salesforce and Microsoft 365 first and at the same time, which is near to impossible, if not impossible.

OAuth also means that syncing passwords between the integrated app – MME, SFDC and 0365 – is no longer an issue. Since the “OAuth random security strings” aren’t affected by passwords changes, the three systems stay in sync automatically even as the underlying passwords are updated. As all Admins know, password sync is one of the biggest time sinks involving integrated email applications.

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