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Match My Email Releases New Customization Tool for Salesforce

Salesforce Email Integration

Match My Email is the leader in custom Salesforce email integration. The company provides a unique scripting language that enables users to sync and log emails to any custom object, field or filter in Salesforce.

Up until now, the scripting language has focused on automated email integration with custom objects and fields. This month, Match My Email added a tool to manually match and upload emails to customized records from both its cloud and from inside Salesforce.

Salesforce Email Integration

Manual Email Matching to Custom Objects / Records

Match My Email offers Salesforce email integration customization services for $67.50 per hour. Most projects take less than 3 hours from definition to coding to test to production.

Automated Salesforce email integration increases the productivity of any sales team. Simply put, with an automated app like Match My Email, the email information in SFDC will be more complete, accurate, timely and easier to share than the email information in Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird or any other email client. Better email information in Salesforce means more usage, collaboration, adoption and better analytics.

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