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Match My Email Releases New Custom Salesforce Email Integration Matching Capability

New Custom Salesforce Email Integration Matching Capability

Match My Email continues to advance its leadership in custom Salesforce email integration. Match My Email has extended its proprietary scripting language to include automated email syncing to Salesforce standard and custom record types based on a “word” in the Subject Line of an email. A “word” can be a string of letters, numbers, symbols or combination thereof. “Word” matching is intuitive and can be used to track emails against project names, order numbers, purchase ID’s, support tickets, legal matters, job application codes, rentable assets, contracts, etc.

Email Subject Line “Word” Matching to Standard and Custom Records

To implement this capability, the Salesforce user creates a custom field in a standard or custom record. The custom field contains the “word” to be matched to. MatchMyEmail will sync and log an email containing a “word” to the right record and upload the email permanently into that record – fully automatically, 24/7/365. Match My Email Support will furnish the user with the Matching Rules code that animates the system.

New Custom Salesforce Email Integration Matching Capability

Match My Email offers Salesforce email integration customization services for $67.50 per hour. Most projects take less than 3 hours from definition to coding to test to production.

Salesforce Email integration greatly increases the productivity of users, especially if the integration is fully automated. With Match My Email’s customization tools, email integration can be woven into the fabric of any Salesforce implementation and workflow.

Automated email integration saves users time. It eliminates the need to manually log an email to Salesforce using the Add to Salesforce button or some other bcc: method. It is estimate that the average user needs to log at least 7,500 emails to Salesforce each year. Doing anything 7,500 times per year without an immediate reward is unlikely to happen. That means the email record in Salesforce will be full of gaps due to user omissions and forgetfulness. Once the email log in Salesforce is less than perfect, users will rely on Outlook, Gmail etc. and Salesforce usage will be negatively impacted. If you are a Salesforce administrator who wants to get their users hooked on Salesforce, email integration is the gateway drug.

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