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Matching Emails to Custom Records and Custom Fields

The strength of the platform is its flexibility. Salesforce offers customization tools that enable users to tailor the Sales Cloud to their particular data requirements and work flows. Adding custom records and fields to Salesforce is easy. With a few clicks, a custom record or a custom field can be added to the platform.

But syncing emails to custom records or fields is another matter. Salesforce doesn’t offer email integration customization tools. Users have to procure custom integration tools from the AppExchange.

Match My Email is the Solution for Email Integration for Salesforce to Custom Records and Custom Fields

Match My Email offers the most advanced and easiest to use Salesforce email integration app on the AppExchange. The app includes the most robust, yet easiest to understand, custom email syncing technology. Based on an abstraction of APEX, the Match My Email custom email integration scripting language can program emails to sync to a custom record with only five lines of code. User or their Salesforce consultants can master the scripting language in a few minutes. Otherwise, Salesforce users can hire Match My Email to do the custom scripting for $99.50 per hour, with a two-hour minimum. Most jobs take less than two hours from specification, coding, testing and deployment.

With the Match My Email tool, emails can be automatically matched to custom fields — like Email Business, Email Personal — in a Standard record type in a few minutes. Match My Email support can be contacted to help with the custom scripting of custom email fields in a Salesforce record.

Please schedule a support session at to contact Match My Email Support regarding a private customization session.

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