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Match My Email Works with the Financial Services Cloud

About 25% of the Match My Email installed base is in the financial services industry. These professionals work at personal finance companies, mortgage servicing corporations, insurance agencies, asset management firms and venture capital partnerships. More and more of these users are choosing or upgrading to the Financial Services Cloud. To speed the transition to the Financial Services cloud, MME has built a new version of its service that can sense which Salesforce edition a user has: Financial Services Cloud versus the Sales Cloud.

New release can automatically sense if a user is on Sales Cloud or Financial Services Cloud

The Financial Service cloud is designed to work with a financial services workflow and sales cadence. In the place of the standard Sales Cloud records of leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities and cases, the Financial Services cloud only includes the record types that wealth professionals really need: Contacts and Households. Match My Email can discern which version of Salesforce a user has installed and automatically re-configure its matching algorithm to work with the Contacts and Household record types.

If the user has custom record types, MME can be programmed using a simple scripting language to sync emails to custom records. MME can associate emails to Salesforce records in multiple ways: full email address, domain name, words or numbers in the subject line and/or tags in the email body. MME can sync emails to different types of records using different matching algorithms all at the same time. Match My Email is the most flexible and customizable email syncing tool on the AppExchange.

Don’t be scared!

Match My Email doesn’t expect the average user to be able to customize Salesforce. Its Support Team stands ready to program the app to work with a user’s custom records and/or sales process.

Once Match My Email has been working for a few weeks, the system will have gathered enough information to start producing meaningful reports, dashboards and List Views. Users can track email activity by user and by customer. The app comes with a pre-packaged reports module that includes an Unanswered Emails dashboard and custom fields that can measure email response times.

The CRM industry is evolving to an activity driven architecture. Instead of manually updating data, increasingly users will be able to see real time data captured in the CRM – email, phone, sms, calendar and social media – automatically, hands free, 24 hours per day/7 days per week/365 days per year. Users can have access to Leaderboards that will focus their actions on the most promising Leads and Opportunities.

Match My Email is small company with a clear vision of the future

Our development resources are focused on making addons to Salesforce that will turn it into an Activity Driven CRM giving Salesforce users a next generation CRM without having to switch technology platforms and retrain users.

The best way to see the power and vision of Match My Email is to schedule a Live Demo using the calendar tool on the web site at

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