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Match My Email Review on AppExchange

Sometimes a customer can tell your story better than the marketing department.

“This app is great, it’s the only set-and-forget-it app for email on Salesforce. Here’s our story with it. Our organization users Google Apps for email. Upon signing up for Salesforce Professional Edition and reading their misleading “Gmail integration” claim (there’s no integration), I realized my users were going to have to spend an hour a day matching their emails to records in Salesforce.

logo-280This matching is a critical task, otherwise having Salesforce becomes almost useless. The whole point is to be able to instantly see, in one screen, all communication between your coworkers and the client. And you can’t depend on the employees remembering to log emails. So I decided I was going to find an app that solved that problem. I tested VCS, CCRM, CureCRM and Match My Email. Out of those, I’d say only CCRM and Match My Email had acceptable functionality as of January 2012. Out of all options, I found MME the best because (1) after initial setup (a bit clunky given the interface), it works completely unattended, matches all emails to any related record existing in Salesforce, you users don’t spend any time matching emails themselves; (2) it can match emails to multiple contacts, leads, accounts, cases, opportunities; and (3) it logs a copy of all emails on an outside server and keeps trying to match them to records in salesforce for over 1 month. This last step is excellent. Often you get an email from a lead before the lead exists in salesforce. Or you’re lazy and create the lead in SF 2 days after getting the email. Well, as long as the lead is created, MME is going to match the emails for you within 20 minutes. Genius! The feature list is long, I won’t get into it here, but I’ll also add that it’s nice that it allows for more than 1 email account per user. I only wish the monthly rate was lower, as it was twice as expensive as their most expensive competitor, but it’s still well worth it given you want your well-paid salespeople selling and not doing admin work.”

Marcelo Crescente

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