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Match My Email Releases Spring 2016 Update

Version 4.21 includes scalability to millions of SFDC records, extremely accurate reporting, expanded customization tools and usability improvements

Match My Email provides the most advanced automated email integration for Salesforce. Automated email syncing and logging saves users precious time versus manual tools and creates ‘perfect’ email information in Salesforce for control, tracking and reporting.

In the Spring release, many of the new features were developed to meet customer suggestions and requirements. Match My Email is a customer driven app vendor. The design of the product represents the cumulative result of five years of customer feedback.


The Spring release is focused on reporting and tracking email activity. It includes new features that can track email activity for a single user across multiple email addresses and aliases. In this way, user activity can be tracked whether they are using their main business email address or an organizational-wide address like info@. Sales operations can use email activity metrics to track email response time and prevent customer engagements from going ‘cold’. The intensity of customer interaction can also be measured and displayed.

In combination with an updated Reports and List View package, these reporting and list view features are now available to Professional edition users as well as Enterprise, Not-for-Profit, and Unlimited edition users.

Match My Email continues to improve its scalability. Match My Email can now handle SFDC deployments that include millions of customer records.

Customization tools were expanded to include easier email matching to secondary email addresses in standard and custom records.

Email presentation and handling inside Salesforce continues to improve. The social context of emails within Salesforce are now presented in compressed format to save room on the Page Layout. Tasks can be directly attached to emails on the top level GUI. Editing of Subject Line is now enabled within a stored email message. Emails can be attached to Events directly.

If your company is experiencing issues with tools that connect Outlook, Gmail, MacMail or any business email system to Salesforce, Match My Email can fix those issues and save your users time and increase Salesforce adoption and usage. Match My Email costs $22.95 per user per month.

Match My Email offers Live Demos, Installation Support and customization definition sessions if you write with a date and time.

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