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Match My Email Releases Cloud Version 9.0.1 of its Data Integration as a Service App (IaaS) for Salesforce

On June 11, 2019, Match My Email released Cloud Version 9.0.1 of its email integration app for Salesforce. Match My Email provides Email Integration as a Service (“IaaS”) in the cloud for Salesforce users. The new release represents the ninth generation of Match My Email’s code base and incorporates the latest improvements in cloud security and remote administration.

Since Match My Email was launched on the Salesforce AppExchange in 2011, it has continually updated its security infrastructure to remain at the leading edge of authentication, data transport and encryption.

The new release incorporates the latest advances in Microsoft and Google secure API technologies

It provides secure remote API user activation for Office 365, G Suite and IMAP solutions in a single unified platform. As such, version 9.0.1 supports today’s ‘bring your own device’ IT environments which include PC, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android devices. For large organizations, the ability to add and delete secure email integration connections with a single click regardless of device technology and with no end user involvement means that email integration can be rolled out efficiently to large Salesforce populations. Remote user activation also helps smaller companies because it is intuitive and fast and super secure.

Email integration for Salesforce has been the #1 pain point for Salesforce users for many years because the tools provided by Salesforce only work on a limited number of devices and technologies. For example, Salesforce email syncing tools don’t work on MAC or with non-Microsoft/Google mailboxes. They can’t integrate emails from Microsoft, Apple and Google environments at once.

The new release also includes scalability improvements. The app has been tuned to use the minimum of Salesforce resources like API calls, Data Storage and File Storage.

One key advantage of state-of-the-art API connections to Office365 and G Suite is that they are highly secure. API connections don’t rely on usernames and passwords that can be compromised but security strings that are nearly impossible to hack. API connections are also highly persistent and do not break when users passwords are changed. API connections can maintain secure cloud to cloud and cloud to user integrations for years without maintenance or password resets. With MME version 9.0.1 the security issues presented by Salesforce plug-ins to Outlook or Gmail that rely on usernames and passwords and changeable tokens are a thing of the past.

Match My Email Cloud Version 9.0.1 continues to provide the seamless automated email syncing for Salesforce that its end users and admins have come to expect

The app will capture 100% of emails from any source and sync them automatically to the right Salesforce record(s). Since the app performs cloud to cloud data integration, it is always on working in the background syncing emails automatically for end users. Match My Email is truly a hand-free app that automates email data entry for Salesforce users and relieves them of the chore of hours of data entry per week.

Sales manager and sales operations like the fact that Match My Email gives them 100% visibility into the email stream between the sales team and their customers. Sales managers can see the email correspondence with customers in real time without asking the sales reps who report to them for copies of emails. With the VIEW ALL feature, executives can see every email between the sales team and the marketplace in one CLEAR VIEW screen. It is the ultimate email monitoring tool.

Hassle-Free Email Syncing App for Salesforce Upgrades to Super Secure API Technology and Next Generation Remote Admin Control Panel

The core of Match My Email is AUTOSYNC. This is a cloud-based email integration engine that automatically collects copies of inbound and outbound emails from a user’s mailbox, processes the emails using AI algorithms to figure out where to put them in Salesforce and then uploads them permanently to the Salesforce database. The entire process is hands-free relieving users of hours of mindless and inaccurate data entry moving emails into Salesforce records.

Match My Email uses a technology called MULTIMATCH. If an email relates to more than one record in Salesforce, the app makes sure that the email visible in every relevant record so that the user can be sure that the email is logged in 100% of the SFDC records they might open. Emails are simultaneously put into Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Projects and/or Campaigns so the email capture in Salesforce is 100%. 100% email capture in Salesforce means that users can trust the information in Salesforce more than in Outlook or Gmail because Salesforce contains visibility into the entire email interaction with the customer.

Match My Email includes PRECISION MATCH. The app can match emails to multiple email addresses for the same Contact – the #1 email integration complaint for Salesforce users. It can also match emails to different record types based on different criteria. For example, the app can match to Contacts by full email address, Accounts by domain name, Opportunities by the words or numbers and Case by tags, all at the same time. PRECISION MATCH eliminates syncing errors and duplicates that annoy users.

Match My Email supports CUSTOM MATCH. The app can be programmed to sync emails to custom records. Its custom scripting language requires as little as four lines of code to program a custom auto or manual match.

CLEARVIEW presents email data in Salesforce so that they are easy to read and work with. Email content can be read with a simple cursor hover over. Attachments are linked to emails by a ‘paper clip’. Links to other Salesforce records that are associated with the same email are clearly displayed.

QUICKREPLY enables users to reply to emails from inside Salesforce records. QUICKREPLY can be configured to automatically tag outbound emails from Salesforce.

DECLUTTER refers to the deduplication and filtering tools incorporated in the app. TeamDedupe compresses emails involving multiple users down to a single copy in Salesforce while maintaining privacy settings. Attachment clutter is removed by filtering out signature logos and social media icons.

PRECISION PRIVACY refers to the added privacy controls offered by the app. Users have control over who in Salesforce sees their emails. Safe words can be added to emails so that the emails are blocked from entering Salesforce from any source. Ignores can be set to block internal emails or emails from friends and family.

The REPORT PACKAGE includes pre-configured reports, list views and dashboards for tracking user and customer activity and response times in Salesforce based on timeframe and email direction. Inactive Leads or Opportunities can be flagged in View Lists to prompt user actions like Send Follow Up Email or Call the Customer.

Match My Email is a bargain starting at $22.95 per user per month and represents the culmination of ten years of maniacal focus on email integration for Salesforce. Match My Email is also famous for its amazing Support Team who respond quickly by email, phone or email. To see the app in action for yourself, please schedule a Live Demo at

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