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Match My Email Now Provides Contact AutoCreate for Salesforce ORG’s Using Domain Name Matching at the Account level

Keeping Contacts up to date in Salesforce is hard. Especially, when the customer base includes lots of large companies with frequent employee turnover. Match My Email helps solve the missing Contact dilemma with a new twist on email integration for Salesforce.

Match My Email has been able to sync emails to Accounts (or any other SFDC record type) by Domain name for years. Domain name matching only requires the creation of a ‘domain field’ in the Account page layout. Match My Email can be programmed to look at the ‘domain field’ and match any inbound or outbound email to the Account record when the app sees the ‘domain name’ contained in ‘domain field’ in the email header -whether the domain appears in TO, FROM, CC: and BCC:. Domain name matching captures more emails at the Account level than full email address matching because it is hard to keep the email addresses of Contacts up to date.

With the new release, the Match My Email customization engine has been extended to offer a new AutoCreate feature. Now when an email is matched by ‘domain’ to an Account the app looks to see if the Salesforce ORG already includes a Contact with the full email address. If the app does not see a existing Contact with the full email address in the Salesforce ORG, then the new AutoCreate feature creates a new Contact with name and full email address and logs the email automatically into the new Contact.

Match My Email charges $199 to configure “domain name matching with Contact Autocreate” in a new or existing account. Customization takes about 30 minutes and is done using GoToMeeting screen share and remote control.

To schedule a customization session, please go to the Match My Email web site at and use the scheduling tool. The best way to see the incredible flexibility and ease of use of the Match My Email email integration app for Salesforce is to schedule a Live Demo using the demo scheduling tool on our web site at

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