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Match My Email Implements Fully Automated Authentication for Using OAuth 2.0

True to Match My Email’s “set up and forget” design specification, the cloud service implemented fully automated authentication (OAuth 2.0) between Match My Email and; now an end-user will never have to reset a password or security token again in the Match My Email cloud.

Ardsley on Hudson, New York. August 21, 2012. Match My Email has released a new version of its cloud application, Match My Email, Version 2.3. The new version automatically authenticates the cloud to Match My Email, eliminating the need to manually synchronize or reset password and security tokens between and Match My Email. Quarterly password resets are a security requirement and a necessary, but major, hassle for end-users and administrators. Match My Email now authenticates automatically to, eliminating the need for duplicate quarterly password resets in its cloud.

With this advance, Match My Email has achieved the final element of its “Set-Up and Forget” promise. “Set-Up and Forget” is a key technology in any fully automatic email syncing and logging solution. Match MY Email has been able to authenticate to Gmail, Google Apps, Google Docs and any IMAP email server or service since its launch on the AppExchange last year. By adding authentication, Match My Email eliminates the need to manually synchronize passwords and security tokens between the email, Match My Email and the clouds – living up to its promise as the ultimate cloud integrator.

Match My Email offers fully automatic email integration, syncing and logging for Email integration has been described as the #1 pain point for users. Up until now, email syncing tools have been labor intensive and difficult to use. They involve software plug-ins and manual chores that force the end-user to do the hard work of matching emails to the right objects. Because it is fully automatic, Match My Email saves the average user 25,000 mouse clicks per year or 100 hours of manual work.

Generally, manual email sorting and uploading tools fall out of use as the underlying software or operating system becomes incompatible; this is what has happened with Outlook 2003 and MacMail. Since Match My Email works at the cloud or network level, it is never out-of-date.

Match My Email was designed from the ground up to provide fully automatic email integration. This involved the combination of eight key technologies. It is based on an algorithm that mimics the way users think and work so that all matching is done automatically, correctly and at all times – it is always on.

Match My Email offers many unique features. With MultiMatch©, every email address in an email is matched to every relevant object in This is done by storing a single copy of the email and then linking it to all the relevant SFDC objects such as Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Person Accounts, Donors, Members, Opportunities and Cases using tiny pieces of software called ‘related object links’. MultiMatch is the only solution on the market that can guarantee a 100% complete email log embedded in each page layout of every standard object.

Match My Email has other breakthrough usability features. It is platform independent and can work with up to 5 email accounts simultaneously per user. It includes an Ignore feature that will block any combination of sender or recipient from ever being uploaded into ‘Reprocessing’ has been called ‘brilliant’ by its user community. By holding a ‘No Match’ email in the cloud for 45 days and checking every twenty minutes for new objects, ‘earlybird’ emails that arrive before a object has been created are captured, synced and uploaded full automatically to

In summary, Match My Email was designed to eliminate the need for user intervention / effort in the email sorting process and offers fully automated email uploading to Match My Email is “Set-Up and Forget”. Once end-user credentials are established, the system automatically synchronizes them with the other clouds – the email and clouds – from that time on. The service does all the hard work of syncing and logging emails to Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Accounts and Cases.

Now Salesforce users can rest assured that every customer email that they send or receive is in and logged to the right Salesforce objects.

Match My Email is “Automatic. Convenient. Effortless.”

About RAE Internet www.raeinternet.comRAE Internet, Inc., headquartered in Ardsley on Hudson, N.Y., is the developer of Match My Email and the Mailspect line of products as well as a reseller of F-PROT Antivirus and Cloudmark Authority. Match My Email is the first fully automatic email integration, syncing and logging cloud application for The Mailspect platform is used by email administrators at enterprises, email service providers, schools and governments to protect and extract value from the email stream at either the gateway or mail server level. Mailspect Defense integrates with the leading antivirus and antispam engines (i.e., Clamd, Cloudmark, ESET 3.0, F-PROT, Mailshell, Sophos and Spamassassin). Mailspect Archive enables organizations to comply with email retention rules and regulations as well as provides a comprehensive suite of email routing, data loss protection, database integration and management tools.

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