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Match My Email has the Technical Programming to Back Up Our Histrionic Statement

While to video below may be a flare of the dramatic, Match My Email has the technical programming to back up our histrionic statement. In the following paragraphs, this article will flush out the five features highlighted in the video and substantiate our claim that Match My Email is the apex app in the Salesforce email integration market.

Feature #1: Harmonize your Inbox and Salesforce

This is our bread and butter. Match My Email was developed so that sales reps no longer needed to manually tag emails to be captured in Salesforce. The app automatically captures your emails into their relevant Salesforce records, harmonizing your Inbox and Salesforce.

Feature #2: Protect email data in the cloud

Security and privacy are at the heart of our product development. For starters, Match My Email is entirely based in the cloud, hosted on Amazon Web Services servers in the United States and the Germany. Users can rest assured that all of their messages are encrypted throughout their entire lifecycle on our servers with Transport Layer Security 1.2, the SaaS industries gold standard.

Feature #3: Capture emails in any record

The ability to customize Match My Email differentiates it from the native Salesforce options of Einstein Activity Capture and Salesforce Inbox. For example, insurers using Match My Email can automatically capture emails in a custom “Policies” record or wealth managers in the financial service cloud’s “Household” record.

Feature #4: Unlock email reporting

A major shortcoming of Salesforce’s email activity object is that you can’t report on it! Match My Email solves this design flaw. By bringing emails in as our custom “email message” record, managers can now run all kinds of reports to boil down email analytics right in Salesforce.

Feature #5: Turn Salesforce into a sales bazooka

All joking aside, too many Salesforce users complain that their users aren’t pleased with the CRM. A large factor contributing to these complaints is that reps work out of their emails and don’t have time to constantly switch from one platform to the other. Our app set out to become the comprehensive email package for Salesforce to strike at the root of this problem. With Match My Email, increase your user adoptability and get the ROI you hoped for from Salesforce.

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